Anyone else ever failed 3 times or more??



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Hey I know this is a super old thread but thank you for posting this. I just failed my second attempt at the NREMT-P and I was feeling super down since all I read on other forums was “are you sure this is the right field for you?”. I’m gearing up for my third attempt and working on not overthinking things but it’s nice to see some reassurance that just because I couldn’t nail it on my first try doesn’t mean I’m done for. Wishing you the best, friend.

Thank you Sir. My girlfriend passed her NREMT on the 6TH!! Anything is possible. She's doing well on the truck and in the ER. That test is difficult for a reason. Definitely don't let yourself get down, you got this far, you WILL pass it! Just study hard as some of the people above me stated and it will work out in the end. Good luck!