AMR Riverside



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It kinda depends on staffing and each division. I’m at the Riverside Division and i only just got part-time like 2 months ago for medic school and i’ve been there for a year and a half full-time. I have a friend who got hired as part time around the same time as me but staffing was good at the time.

Not entirely sure how the Hemet division is, but a few buddies in my medic class have told me that Hemet is a little more receptive to part time.

Even if you get part-time however you have a full-time commitment for your training and FTO.

You typically have to do like 2 weeks in the classroom training along with Evoc then you go to FTO. It’s usually 2 BLS shifts and 8 ALS depending on if your FTO wants to extend you. Also you mirror your FTO’s schedule until your done whatever that schedule is (night, day, swing/ could be a front half, back half, or dispatch schedule)
Thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it. Is Redlands riverside division? I saw they have job openings for full time/parttime