1. Chris EMT J

    Unusual presentation

    Hey so had this call that was really a unusual presentation so I am going to give some important information to the case and have some information private for patient confidentiality. Teenage male CC of jittery feeling Visual cues: Tripod position Obviously involuntary shaking of legs and...
  2. D

    Nurse or Medic?

    Is it better to become a nurse or paramedic if you like to work on the ambulance? I have done 8 years of NYC 911 the system is different there than I have recently encountered in NJ. out of experience who can guide me in the rightful direction. I am debating on Nursing or Paramedic, I want to...
  3. KetamineBolus

    The Tale of the Zip-Tie and the Purple Shaft

    Once upon a time, in the wonderful white-trash park of mobile homes, was a patient of which I could only assume was autistic. (No reported history. I’m autistic myself, so don’t get offended.) We has received a message of a teen boi who had fallen ****-first into a zip tie in the day’s early. I...
  4. S

    Paramedic position - Golden, Colorado (closes 9/3/18)

    Calling all experienced and independent Paramedics: Apply at AMR Golden consists of two dedicated 24/7 ALS type I, 4x4 ambulances staffed by 6 EMT Basics and 6 Paramedics on a rotating 48/96 schedule. These two crews respond to all...
  5. J


    I hope that 2018 is going well for you all! We are very excited to celebrate the official commercial launch of UNITY EMS next week at EMS Today (booth # 429)! To celebrate this, we are offering a very limited promotional offer of 1 FREE HIGH-PERFORMANCE BASE LAYER ($34.95 value) WITH THE...
  6. pghmedic580

    Tattoo Policies? - NC EMS agencies

    Hey everyone, I am an EMT-B in medic school in the CA Bay Area. I have worked in a pretty busy 911 system for the last 18 months. My wife and I are looking to relocate to North Carolina in the next year. We are looking at the Raleigh metro area.. and I have checked out all of the threads...
  7. M

    Can I just vent for a sec?

    Newb here...let me preface this post with a little hx about my ems career so far. I don't have an epic story/reason why I got into ems, i was just at a point in my life with no direction and kind of fell into it. I got my basic back in 2014 and went straight into a 2 yr paramedic...
  8. G

    West Los Angeles college(UCLA) medic program

    Hello, Does anyone have any insight into this medic program? Perhaps you’ve been through it, word of mouth, etc. This is an open ended question, any feedback of the program is greatly appreciated. I am looking to move down to Southern CA from NorCal, and this program caught my eye. I am going...
  9. A


    If you are in the San Jose area and have any certificated EMS training and might be interested in serving as our official medic on the sidelines of high school football games please give me a call at (408)347-7147 or email me at or just reply here and I can give you the...
  10. L

    Got kicked out of paramedic school for disability, is this a sign?

    Is this yet another sign that reaffirms EMS is not a career for me? I passed all my didactic training and my finals. But I was having some issues on my clinical sites due to my anxiety and Aspergers, and I was dismissed from the program. The irony is that I have been an AEMT for over 2 years at...
  11. J

    My wife doesn't understand

    Hello every healthcare professional out there. My name is Joe. Currently I work for a private transfer EMS company with some little back up 911 for my city. I have some 911 experience but since I moved the drivenis to far for a volunteer company, anyway this is my situation. Hopefully there are...
  12. cointosser13

    Flight Medic Questions

    This pertains mostly to flight medics, but if anybody else knows the answer too don't be afraid to answer. What were some clinically based questions that you had to answer during your flight interview process?
  13. Tnaemt94

    How does EMT and medic salaries out west compare to the cost of living?

    EMS personnel are payed better out west than in the southeast. However, the cost of living out west is more expensive than that in the south. So is the pay and cost of living ratio equivalent of that in the south?
  14. C

    emt in need of advice from all around the U.S

    hey everyone, first off if you reply to this with general knowledge of your area/city it means a lot and thank you... okay so i am a emt-b in california. min wage $10 i run 911... i am in medic school now but do not want to be a medic in california whatsoever. i am not educated on any other...
  15. N

    Mecklenburg EMS Agency (Medic) - Seeking Qualified Paramedics

    The Mecklenburg EMS Agency (Medic) located in Charlotte, North Carolina is among the most renowned and respected pre-hospital providers in the United States. Medic has a reputation for having a patient-centered focus, excellent clinical outcomes, and exceptional quality service. Additionally...