1. F

    Immediately Hiring Single-Role Paramedics in Granite Falls, WA

    Granite Falls is currently looking to immediately hire as many as three Paramedics. Job Description: Selected individuals will provide exceptional evidence-based medical care and customer service to anyone that they encounter. Paramedics function as part of a team over the entire 24 hour shift...
  2. E

    Will AMR DQ me for driving record?

    Hey everyone, I begin my clinical time and ride alongs next month and I'm currently finishing up classes and will take the NREMT in 2 months and had a quick question. I just pulled my electronic DMV H-6 printout and I currently have 2 at-fault accidents on my record. 1 in 2016 when I was a new...
  3. R

    Rescue One Ambulance

    Rescue One Ambulance located in Paramount, CA is currently hiring full time and part time EMT drivers. We are looking to fill positions immediately! If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested, please email our office manager at jaxb.roa@gmail.com for more details.
  4. E

    EMT Job for a festival this weekend in Oakland California

    Hi, I run a standby medical company and we provide EMT services to festivals and athletic events. I just had a lot of EMTs cancel for this weekend. If anyone in the San Francisco Bay area is an EMT or certified first responder and would like to work this Saturday or Sunday please let me know...
  5. Northwest Ambulance

    Northwest Ambulance Critical Care Transport Hiring EMTs

    Now Interviewing For Full Time and Perdiem EMT’s Would you like the opportunity to work for a professional, growing company with great pay, full benefits, a matching 401k, paid time off and more? A company that offers a manageable workload and multiple schedules to fit your needs. Ready to use...
  6. S

    What's the Denver Health EMS scoop?

    Hey friends, I'm at AEMT at a busy 911 system in Atlanta GA. I have about 4 months until i graduate medic school and 6 years experience as an EMT. I will file for reciprocity shortly after I i get my NR-P. I'm hoping to move and get on with Denver Health in the not too distant future. From what...
  7. M

    Getting a paramedic job with 5 over speeding ticket?

    Hey there! EMT-B here about halfway through her paramedic internship. I'm 21 and have had a pretty damn good driving record, but a few days ago I got cited for going 70 mph in a 65. Worried about finding a paramedic job in another area with a speeding ticket since almost all services ask for a...
  8. Rescue One Ambulance

    Rescue One Ambulance is HIRING

    Rescue One Ambulance is hiring full-time, part-time, and per-diem EMTs. Drivers and Attendants, New grads or Experienced. We have flexible schedules, daily OT, shifts will not be cut short due to call volume. Positons: EMT-B Driver or Attendant Dispatcher Company Info: Rescue...
  9. Loshi

    NorCal Interview coming up soon! What should I be prepared for?

    On the e-mail I received I was told to bring a change of clothes.. and be prepared for the following: a lift assessment, 30 choice multiple question test, skills evaluation, documentation exercise and a one on one interview. Has anyone else gone through NorCals interview process if so what...
  10. Loshi

    I have 2 points on my dmv record, I can take one off what are my chances of getting hired?

    I'm in Sacramento CA, I know I can't take the other one off for another 18 months. AlphaOne said they can't hire me with even one point because the ambulance can't be insured... I applied to ProTransport as well as NorCal what are my chances.of getting hired with one point with those companies?
  11. Loshi

    Applied for Jobs, how long does its usually take for companies to reply?

    Hi, I'm a baby EMT, I previously worked as a scribe in the ED for about 6 months, volunteered in the ED for 5+ years, and have worked as an assistant manager for 5+ years. It's been 16 days since I've applied for jobs and I haven't heard anything back yet. I'm starting to worry that I have been...
  12. deadhead

    Emergency Ambulance Service is hiring again

    FYI, Emergency Ambulance is seeking applicants for EMT positions working out of our Brea, CA office. Day and Evening shifts are available with the possibility of 24-hr shifts becoming available later. EAS provides transportation in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA Metropolitan Area and...
  13. Reuben De La O

    NYFD or Chicago FD?

    Hi everyone, I just obtained my EMT License in Iowa and I'm working toward my Paramedic next fall. I will have my paramedic diploma next year and I'll have my AAS in paramedic in 2018. I'm looking at different places to work and these two had came up. I just have a couple questions about both...