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  1. Northwest Ambulance

    Northwest Ambulance Critical Care Transport Hiring EMTs

    Now Interviewing For Full Time and Perdiem EMT’s Would you like the opportunity to work for a professional, growing company with great pay, full benefits, a matching 401k, paid time off and more? A company that offers a manageable workload and multiple schedules to fit your needs. Ready to use...
  2. G

    How to get a job as an EMT In CA?

    I had an interview with Monterey County AMR last week and just got the Email saying I did not get the job. I really want to work for them. What can I do that will make me stand out more next time I apply? I had a coworker tell me they might have frown upon me being a CNA at a SNF because I Have...
  3. HemoPneumo

    Tips for Getting Hired!

    Searched for a thread containing any information related to this but couldn't find one. I'm winding down to the end of my EMT-B course. I take my final exam for the class on the 13th, scope on the 16th, and then I'll be taking the NREMT after that. Assuming I pass everything ;) I'd like to get...