1. J

    Long Term BLS Airway Management for Burns

    Hi all So this is a hypothetical that I thought of as I have been looking at my next career. You are an EMT-B/ Firefighter on a wild-land fire crew. You are asked to treat a patient on a nearby crew with burns to the upper chest and neck. These injuries were caused by a drip torch being...
  2. E

    Career ladder options

    I basically am stuck between wanting to go nursing (clinic) route or firefighting (field) EMS. I am going to complete an EMT program here upcoming in January 2017 and plan to work as an emt, see if I am capable (burnout, stress, etc.) and get my paramedic. So opinions on what route might be...
  3. Logan Bounds

    Bachelors of Applied Science in Paramedicine. Is it worth it?

    So I am currently taking my prerequisites at Brigham Young University Idaho for the B.S. in Paramedicine. I am a Certified EMT and will be a Certified Firefighter 1 in a month. I am trying to weigh out my options here. I can continue on with the program and finish in 2 years and become an EMT-P...