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  • good luck with medic school just did that adventure. and am finally out on my own and its definitely worth the year in school.
    Wow there, no name calling! I'm happy to share the love. I've dropped two tubes, hung amio once, second day as a medic had a multisystems trauma arrest on me during transport, hung dopamine once, it's a lot of fun and great learning but I'm ready for a break lol. I heard a rumor we are hiring more medics if you ever decide you want to get out of the sticks and work in a busy urban system ;)
    I hear that! By the end of my weekend I cant wait to go back to work. I guess that's a good thing though. My black cloud has followed me into being a medic though so that's made things interesting.
    Nice congrats! I hate the waiting game! I'm doing well, they actually let me out on the streets as a medic starting a couple weeks back, definitely intimidating but still a lot of fun.
    Your blogs are awesome I think they are intersting. Good luck in medic school too!!! I can't wait until I can get in the field and start medic school.
    hey, recently started reading your blogs. love it! keep the awesome writing up! and good luck with medic school :)
    "Sirengirl"? Awesome I love the name. I can't believe no one has thought of that name before.
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