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  • :lol: I know my cousin burned down one side of their garage when their fryer caught on fire. But they weren't the brightest bunch. I hope your holiday goes well.
    I just finished NIMS for Health Care Systems. I want to cry at the thought of doing anymore. :lol:
    Having some friends fly in for thanksgiving. Going to be awesome.
    How about you?
    :lol: Thanks. I put in an app to a company yesterday. I have 3 more to drop off and still need to figure out how to apply to two government ambulance companies at the military hospitals. (which I hear are hard as hell to get into). So now my plan is to wait. I guess I'll just be doing OTEP in the mean time until something comes along. And finish up my FEMA NIMS stuff.
    Hows it going on your end?
    I'm not sure. I couldn't tell if the questions were getting "harder" or "easier". They all pretty much felt the same. I was cut off around 60 questions. Nervous. Thanks for asking :)
    Have scenario evals today. Wish me luck. My team will be practicing for several hours until class and I just screwed up my back. Lovely.
    ugh! she started playing "another one bites the dust" while we were doing our evaluations!!!
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