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    Who has the best retirement benefits?

    I believe that you will see many more Municipal agencies going to 401K/etc, in place of Defined Pension Benefits, as they (Defined Pension Benefits) are not sustainable in the long term.
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    Totally disabled and abandoned transport.

    Very true! You can never go wrong by doing what's right for your patient. I read the OP and the first thing that came to my mind was whoever wanted to leave that patient, has NO business being in EMS. If they are paid personnel, the situation needs to be reported to their supervisor...
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    Field Training Program

    If you do not have a copy, might I suggest the book Field Training Officer: Tips and Techniques for FTOs, Preceptors, and Mentors by Barry Eberly and Bruce Nepon which might be a helpful resource for you in your search. I wish you luck.
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    Should i keep my EMT license?

    Only you can make that decision. I would say that since you took the time and effort to sign up here to ask, that you must really want to keep it. Good luck to you, whatever you decide.
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    $10mil off PPE left to rot

    I agree with most of what you said, however, it was/is still the responsibility of whatever government agency was/is in charge of it, and they failed miserably.
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    $10mil off PPE left to rot

    Tax dollars at work Once again showing the efficiency of Government
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    Annoying partner

    Every situation has 3 sides - Your side, his side, the truth. From what you wrote I get the idea that you don't like to do work, while he is willing to do work. The way you describe him tells me a whole lot more about you. I've worked with partners like you before, I don't miss any of them.
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    CCP-C vs FP-C

    Sorry if I offended you in some way, by presenting the correct information. People may look here for information and I would think "we" could want the correct information to be presented.
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    CCP-C vs FP-C

    I'm not sure what makes you think the CCP-C test ever required a "training course" before taking it, but you are incorrect. I believe you might be confusing CCP-C with the CCEMTP course (they are not the same). I took the UMBC CCEMTP course in 2002 and have maintained my CCEMT-P, for whatever...
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    Wallet card/wall cert

    To each their own, as a career Paramedic, I really don't understand what is so difficult about $10/year (or so). In my case it helped me get a Part Time gig in NJ, where I worked for 27 years, seemed to me to be worth $10/year (or so). At my Full Time gig it allowed me to make an additional $1...
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    CCP-C vs FP-C

    I felt the CCP-C was a bit harder then the FP-C, but I took them 6 years apart and have to admit I didn't study as hard for the CCP-C.
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    Wallet card/wall cert

    The only "wall certificates" I have received were my original in 1984, one for 20 years, and then one for 30 years. So I guess in 4 more years I'll get another. As to wallet cards, I don't believe I've ever had to print mine.
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    Rookie! ;) I took my NREMT-P (NRP) in 1984. I had to wait for my State EMT-P II exam results, and then have those mailed to Registry, before I could get my Registry results. So my wait for Registry results was in months, not weeks (or for the new kids, hours). Sorry if I have little (or...
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    Cooling of burns - why US EMS (and first aid responders) needs to change its practices

    I'm very curious to hear what training and experience you have, that makes you such an expert on burns.