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  • I go to school in New Orleans and am wonder about N.O. EMS. are they hiring now and do you have to be from LA to work for them?
    Hey I was wondering which service you worked for and if you knew if services in the NO area were hiring basics? I'm living in Houma, already certified, but plan on working in the area.
    hey man i was wondering who you worked for in New Olreans. i work for acadian and they had a guy from NO in my orientation
    Going to start EMT-B school in JAN at LSUFETI. I was just curious about the time frame. Thanks :)
    hey nola. Im from Baton Rouge. I was wondering... how long did it take you to find out whether you passed the NREMT? Also, if you find out the same day, are you eligible for hire or do you have to wait to get your cards/ patch in the mail?
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