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  • Yeah I am keeping my mouth SHUT!!!!!!! haha... Plus when i was there I lived a block away from community also.. I went to Mesa State that is why i moved there... but I am originally from Boise, and I have truly regretted leaving Colorado.. I Loved it there.. plus I miss my college friends haha..
    Over in Boise, Idaho.. I am actually thinking about moving back to Colorado. I miss it!!!! thats funny you dated a guy in junction, wonder if i knew him.. actually dont tell me that would be a little scary
    was on a date (first date i might add), she got a phone call to come baby sit one of her friends 10 months old.. and she left... so now i am doing nothing...

    not sure if it was a cover story to be able to leave or if it was real haha
    Yeah, when I flew with the Neonatal Critical Care Transport team, I would come home and cry every night. It just hits me hard when I have to deal with little ones dying. This one was ran over by a tractor, Im not emotionally prepared to talk details right now without re-living it, I just didn't want to be alone, so I thought i'd at least go online, ya know.
    Very bad shift.. I lost a little one and tears are rolling down my face as I type this. I'm just trying to get my mind off things. This is the second horrible call involving a child that I have had in 3 months. CISD Tuesday.
    I LOVE IT! Were hiring 2 more PT dispatchers! Because we are a new system, I was 2nd one hired and didn't 'have' to work my way up to the top! Really made some more seasoned ones POed!
    Hmmm... entertaining! Always something new, but I am lead dispatcher now! :D That tends to tick some of them off because I am the youngest, with the least experience (none).
    Lol! Sounds fun.

    Oh my gosh I am still waiting! My county is so freaking slow it is not even funny. Maybe it was a mistake to apply for a position as a 911 dispatcher at a government run dispatch office. I am seriously considering forgetting this one and moving just to find a job. There is nothing around here unless you want to work at McDonalds or on the green chain at the mill. I might be applying with AMR Spokane, as much as I don't want to work for AMR. I really don't know, but I am running out of money, and fast..........blahhhhh.
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