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    Crew Members Under 18 / High School Age Members

    I'm not saying the word usage was wrong, just that for some reason I found it comical. :wacko:
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    Crew Members Under 18 / High School Age Members

    Sorry. It's a word you don't see all the time, so I had to look it up.
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    For those that have

    My only major restriction is that I can't transport alone in the back of the ambulance.
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    I speak a pretty decent amount of Spanish. We do get Spanish-only patients here and there. I'm usually surprised to find that I'm often the only responder who speaks any Spanish, but it tends to come in handy at least a little bit.
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    Altitude effects on IV

    [Oops, used poor logic on that post.]
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    Another Stethoscope question

    I'm pretty glad I've never seen this before.
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    No sternum CPR

    I'm not sure how many people I could find without a sternum, but the whole point of compressions is to push the blood out of the heart. Not compressing as deep in this situation would be the same as not compressing as deep in someone with a sternum, there wouldn't be as much blood flow. I...
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    Simple tricks

    Just to clarify... I don't tape the chin itself; I tape the chin part of the c-collar. You also have very little chance of torquing the neck if you unroll the piece of tape first and bring it down to stick it. Alright, I think I'm done defending this.
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    Simple tricks

    It went wrong for everyone in my EMT class at some point. Gloves and tape stick together really well, and my method doesn't involve touching the sticky side with a gloved hand. We could keep doing this I guess. Let's just agree to disagree.
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    Simple tricks

    That one piece of tape very easily becomes two pieces of tape with one quick cut from your trauma shears. You can grab another piece of tape after that if you have to make your adjustments.
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    Simple tricks

    Okay, I'll throw in a trick I've learned that probably everyone is aware of just so the topic can shift. When you're working for one of the cheaper departments that likes towels instead of those fancy commercial headblocks, and you want to secure your patient's head to the board with tape...
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    took the basic test

    Congratulations! Unfortunately, the letter doesn't go into detail about how well you did on different areas of the test if you pass.
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    Its football time

    One part of the vital signs I would have liked to see is whether the respirations were irregular. That way you could monitor the player for signs of increased intracranial pressure (always a possibility with a hard hit to the head). A major part of SAMPLE in this case would be events leading...
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    Improving Documentation

    I was taught "CHART": Chief Complaint History Assessment Received _______ treatment Transfer of care
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    NREMT not a candidate

    Don't wait on a patch... it ain't comin'. You can get one on your own, though. My friend gave me two after I finished all of the tests. Good luck. Maybe I'll see you in one of the hospitals, but you're a little bit too far east for that to be likely.