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    Power Stretchers - Who's not using em?

    Auto loaders in our County now.
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    EMS Turnout Gear?

    Safety gear is the responsibility of the employer… It’s a simple as that
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    FF/EMT Job Openings in Placentia, CA

    Gonna be hard to attract folks from other depts without a PERS-style defined benefit retirement.
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    What do you say instead of "You'll be fine/okay"?

    Or “get better”
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    If you could go back to the start of your EMS career and give yourself advice, what would it be?

    Nothing the nursing profession... but it’s basically “chit and dix” all day long
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Gah! #stateofstate
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Boo! [emoji1475] I got forced for 17-straight four times last year due to medic need. Got the ol’ 10-day at least another four. None due to staffing patterns [emoji851]
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    Alameda County, CA

    Aprz, I hear some of that. Every system has the overzealous badass medic who tries to intimidate trainees... not my style, but not uncommon. Every system has those who don’t math very well. And as for whether people know the calculations or use an appropriate and functional shortcut... as long...
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    Alameda County, CA

    PMd u
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    Alameda County, CA

    12/42 Long week (48) and short week (36) Paid every 2 weeks OT after 40 hrs Shift are either same 3 days + 1 on long (e.g. SMT/SSMT) Or modified so you get every other weekend off (e.g. MWS/STHF)
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    Alameda County, CA

    Aprz, what didn’t you like about it? I’m glad you found a better fit in Santa Clara. I am accredited in both Alameda and Santa Clara Counties and (hands down) prefer Alameda. Maybe you should be more specific before making such a (non) recommendation? FALCK is new to the County and this is...
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    Can EMT set up IC?

    As a medic unit at scene, you have more important things to do than insist on running the show after a Company Officer or BC has arrived. It makes sense for the first due ambulance to run treatment and transport while the firefighters work triage and the officer takes over as IC. I would also...
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    I'm done with being a what?

    I know a guy who left EMS and became a safety consultant. He now basically works with companies to figure out best practices for on-site safety. You can take that part of you that likes to solve problems and have an audience who wants to hear your input; whether it’s because they actually want...
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    The Roof Rack Chronicles

    What year Focus? I have lots of random Thule stuff from years of different cars. Maybe we can reduce the number of new items to buy? Year? 2-dr/4-dr?
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    Civil traffic infractions (Alameda County, CA EMT-Basic)

    What’s a “ligament” answer?