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  • Ha! And now I miss your message for like several weeks. :-S I must be blind..... Sorry!

    Yep, we still have snow. And plenty of it. What to come skiing with me? ;-) We have a group that goes every Tuesday and most Saturdays too. It is a blast.

    I must say though, that as much as I like skiing, I am ready for spring....well.....summer actually. Nothing quite like hanging out at the lake for the day with friends, playing football, Frisbee, jumping off the dock, etc.....then chilling on the beach and eating hamburgers for dinner.
    Oh I was just wondering about the pic. I LOVE the beach btw.

    And you are just firing up the stove? We have had ours going fro like a month now. Ha ha ha!

    No, I still haven't gotten the dispatch job. The supe is on vacation for another week, but as soon as she is back, I'll start calling again. The other dispatchers have told me to call like two or three times a week until the supe does something to shut me up. They want me hired rite away sonce they are so short staffed right now. Oh well, God has his own timing, doesn't He?

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day, missy!

    OK, foxfire, what is the new avatar a picture of?

    And how is medic school coming?

    And how about winter? It was -15 lat night here. We had a rollover MVA at about 2200 and I was wearing a full set of under armor, a full sweatsuit, and my turnouts and it was still cold!
    Well good on ya! Good luck with that. Y'alls getting ready for winter yet? It is coming soon around here. Ugh! I am telling you. The only good thing about winter around here is the awesome downhill skiing. I live within 20 minutes of 49* North WA, an hour of Mt. Spokane WA, and within 2-5 hours of Schweitzer Mountain ID, Silver Mountain ID, Lookout Pass ID, Red Mountain BC, Granite Mountain BC, Salmo BC, Whitewater BC, Kimberly BC, Fernie BC, Big White BC, and Apex Mountain BC. If you want skiing, you know where to come. (And is much less spendy than CO!) Ok, nuff of that. Got to go back outside and keep working on clearing the garden. Dang frost!
    lol, that wasn't meant to say you asked dumb questions. It was me just explaining about myself. Again welcome glad to have you in the forums!
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