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    What do you carry 24/7 while on or off the job?

    Wallet, Phone Keys and Pager For my FD, usually keep a pair of gloves in each vehicle and FD issued jacket, And one basic jump kit i wish i would have never bought. havent worn a watch in god knows how long.
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    More about boots

    Definitley go with the 8 inch, as stated above they have tremendous support, as well as walking through mud and puddles their much better, if you go with side zip, be sure to water proof them good before you start wearing them
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    Going paperless?

    We use EMSCharts and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so easy, we have panasonic toughbooks on the trucks and PC's in the station so you can do your Report while your returning or a little bit later. when i started we already Had EMSCharts but to back to the old way i would be lost im so used to it...
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    +1 for picking that one up lol
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    Informed EMS BLS-Intermediate APP

    do they have any apps like this on the android market? If so id love to use them on my tablet for educational purposes.
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    Patient dropped the race card

    Never happened to me yet, but similar things. I honestly believe some people just plot to make our jobs that much more of an aggravation. I dont see it happening to me though because we can take one extra person such as BF,GF, mom dad freind etc in the front passengers seat.
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    Clean Freak

    We have a Special decon washer at one of the local FD, all surfaces get cleaned with the 1/10 mix
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    EMS/T patches

    My F.D. just patches on the dress uniforms, ambulance corps, Company patch and cert patch. Im surprised by patches on turnouts, we only have our last names and Dept name on the back
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    What would you like to see change

    I second that!!!!!!!
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    the 100% directionless thread

    :PLOL me too, here or facebookB)
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    Who's in what field of "specialty" EMS

    Currently just ambulance/Fire Dept., Taking a rope rescue class in the near future, also getting my Dive/Rescue cert
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    Complete Cadaver Dissection (Caution May be Disturbing to Some)

    I cant wait!!!! Now i really want to finish high school early so i can get an early start on a nursing degree And EMTP cert
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    Dispatch protocols

    I hear what your saying JPINFV, At this point i feel like our medics just need to make better decisions on what calls to stay on and what to downgrade. And to answer your question, It doesn't really matter because i know at all 3 of our hospitals you never know who your gonna get. Thanks for the...
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    Complete Cadaver Dissection (Caution May be Disturbing to Some)

    Rob, thanks for posting these vids, I have to say these are probably the coolest vids i have ever seen, I like how so much was explained, I feel like i understand the human body alot more!! thanks again!!!!!
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    Dispatch protocols

    I can see how The frequent flyer may sooner or later have a real problem, or how having more medics might be better, But my thought was to maybe go through and change the protocols, especially seeing how some calls that have a medic default may or may not actually need one, I also just realized...