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Congratulations on passing the NREMT cognitive examination. Your passing result on the cognitive examination will remain valid for a one year period from the date of the examination, 2/12/2008(provided you meet all current requirements for National EMS Certification.
Please allow 2 weeks for the NREMT to mail out results letters.

Very excited! What steps do I have to take now? Do i have more paperwork and fees left to go?

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(Assuming you want to work on a rig as an EMT in California)

The next step is to wait for the card to show up in the mail. While you're waiting for that to happen, I suggest you go to the DMV and get your Ambulance Driver Certificate.

What you need:
  • DL-51 Form (free @ DMV)
  • DL-51 Form completed by a Physician (fees vary)
  • Live Scan Request Form (free @ DMV)
  • Completed Live Scan Request From from an approved agency (fees vary)
  • Pass the ambulance driver's test ($25, but many vary state to state)

After you receive your card in the mail, you will then need to obtain a Live Scan Request Form from your County EMS Department. The form itself is free, however you will need to pay again for the live scan. Once the live scan goes through and clears, you will take all the necessary paperwork back to the County EMS Department and pay them a fee to become State certified.

Due to the fact that these steps may vary from state to state, I strongly recommend that you contact your local County EMS Department and find out what exactly you need to do.

Congrats and best of luck! :beerchug:
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