I’m certain I didn’t pass


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I’ve read a lot of the threads talking about people thinking they didn’t pass, but did. I really think I didn’t pass. I walked away thinking about things I’m certain I got wrong. It started with things I hadn’t studied at all or heard about. So then I think I over complicated the answer choices moving forward. It stopped me at 70. Had it gone further I would have had more hope. I felt like I was guessing half the time, and that I screwed up half the stuff that was basic. I think I over complicated things looking for the trick part of a question. And I studied a lot. I think some people are good test takers and some aren’t. Which sucks because I feel like I would be competent in the field. Wish I had more than 70 questions. I don’t think it’s possible to have passed at 70 because I am pretty sure I over complicated things. My biggest fear was it ending at 70. And it ended at 70. I would be confused if I passed.


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So did you pass?


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Do not be overly concerned about whether you passed at 70 or not. If that's the minimum number the computer is allowed to offer you and it shuts off, you either passed or you failed by a significant enough margin. If you went even ONE question past the minimum, then at some point in the questioning, you are too close to pass/fail mark (could be on either side of that) to reliably determine pass/fail. The more questions you get asked past minimum, the closer you are to what the system considers to be at passing standard. To pass or fail, you must be clearly above or below passing standard.

Also, the system will ask you questions and it will ask harder/easier questions depending upon your previous answers and will keep going until you get something right or wrong... eventually it WILL find the limits of your knowledge and ability to apply what you know to the questions you are presented. Frequently these will be the most difficult exams you'll have to take until you have to take another similar type of exam for a higher level license in which case that will become the hardest one you've ever had to sit through...

Do not worry or fret as you cannot change the outcome at this point. Have some fun, enjoy having some time off from studying and when the results are known, either rejoice in knowing you passed, or wallow in misery for a moment at your failure and wait for the more detailed results so you will know what to especially concentrate on for next time (while not neglecting the others).