1. R

    Air Horns or Nah?

    We were having a conversation today about air horns on the trucks. Some people really like them while others think they are obnoxious and can be weaponized against drivers who don't respond like they should. What are your thoughts on air horns and if you like them, what is appropriate use?
  2. EpiEMS

    Culture and Patient Safety (or, "The No-A**hole Rule")

    Saw a fun (if a tad dated) little experiment in a write up in the news today, and I thought I'd mention it: Briefly (taken from a WSJ blog post linked to above)... This made me think about the culture of EMS - and how a no-a**hole rule would go a long way. I can't tell you how many times I've...
  3. Erich Lotte

    EMT - Safety Technician $18

    Have you enjoyed working as an EMT...but wish your role involved more skills, better wages, and a viable opportunity for career growth? We're On-Site Health & established, twenty-year, multi-state Health & Safety Company, looking for qualified candidates to join our growing team...
  4. Tnaemt94

    Critical thinking: Is EMS classified as public safety or healthcare?

    EMS obviously plays a vital role in the healthcare world. It is even in the name. Emergency MEDICAL Services. We are also in close contact and interaction with fire, rescue, and law enforcement personnel in the field. And often times, fire, rescue, and law enforcement officers are cross trained...
  5. Sydney Bryce

    Inattentive EMT's

    So heres a thing I want to ask you guys. Having you ever seen an EMT completely disregard their PT? Recently this one guy decided that sending a text was more important than safely putting their PT into the bus. I've seen the same agency, DROP a PT out of their ambulance. (Theres a whole slew...