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    Nervous about my first ride along.

    So I know that this topic has been beaten over and over again. I'm top in my class and ace all of my practicals 100%. I want to get my paramedic before I go onto school to be a trauma surgeon. I feel very confident in my knowledge and skill. But, as my instructors beat into us, "This is how you...
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    Im gonna be certified in EMR in March 2016 and I was wondering how, if I could, would I do a ride along with a firefighter, like what would I do to be able to do it? (Also if age matters I'm 16).
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    Nursing Student Interested in Ride Along

    Hey all... Not an EMT, but training to be a nurse. :) Interested in critical care and was wondering how I could go about doing a ride along in an ambulance in NYC. Thanks!