1. EpiEMS

    Rhode Island Fire Union & Municipalities Pushing for Legislation to Push for EMS Board Approval of All Regs

    In an interesting piece of news out of Rhode Island: Source: The Publics' Radio (Rhode Island's NPR station) I'm not, in theory, opposed to this idea -- just a little trepidatious because of the recent...incidents in Rhode Island surrounding municipal fire departments' EMT-Cardiacs, and the...
  2. AlexTheChamberlain

    Transporting Your Attacker, and Your Right to Refuse

    So a few coworkers of mine have been attacked by a small group of frequent flyers, who usually have no valid medical complaint, and are just looking for a ride, or sometimes they point blank say "I was just bored" when they get to the hospital. Just recently, a good friend of mine and former...
  3. EpiEMS

    Documentation Policy

    Does your service have a written documentation policy? If so, are any key items it's missing that you'd like added?