paramedic training

  1. Ziiiiziiii

    EMT program preparation @Kapiolani Community College

    Hey! Student at Kapiolani Community College, Oahu, HI. I want to get into the Fall 2017 EMT Program which only has 16 seats per semester here and I'm currently doing the pre-reqs. I want to have some type of knowledge before getting accepted (hopefully). Any tips or what to study or anything? It...
  2. X


    Hello folks I live in Sacramento,CA I was wondering if anyone has attended Sacramento States paramedic program and if so how was the entry test and how was the interview?
  3. coffeegal

    Education Hours for North Carolina

    So my school keep changing the requirements for our hours for class. I wanted to see if anyone knows where I can get resources from North Carolina OEMS preferrably. I need to find the hours we have to cover in class and how many we can miss. The last portion of our class is a hybrid course and...