nremt psychomotor

  1. F

    (NREMT-P) ALS Psychomotor Exam

    I am taking my ALS Psychomotor Exam in the next few days. I’ve passed my NREMT-P written exam already, so this is the last thing I need. Any last minute tips? I have pre-test jitters lol. Thanks in advance!
  2. K

    Instructor Noncompliance?

    So, quick background, I passed my EMT-B back in early May this year and then my cognitive exam towards the end of the same month. We did all of our psychomotor skills tests throughout our course so the NREMT exam should have been my last step to getting my certification. I was so incredibly...
  3. Bent Halligan

    The New NREMT-P Practical Assessment.

    Im about to take the new practical assessment that started this year, January. I finished medic school last year, when they weren't teaching for the integrated out of hospital scenario. Im concerned that since you only have one scenario now, that its going to be some crazy combination of all the...
  4. S

    New NREMT practical stations

    Hi everyone, Has anyone taken the new paramedic practical stations, such as the Out of Hospital Comprehensive, Oral, Static, and Dynamic Cardiology? I'm taking them in April, but I have yet to meet anyone who has been through them (they started in January, I believe.) Would you mind sharing...