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  1. shylieen78

    New York State EMT Written Exam

    What is the best book to purchase to study for the state EMT Exam for New York????
  2. M

    Online Medical Consult for Activated Charcoal with Poison Control

    I'm taking NREMT in 2 weeks but also have an in class final practical tomorrow. Unfortunately nobody has gone over how to do a medical consult with poison control for activated charcoal. I would just like for somebody to go over the steps and proper order of how things should be said. If anybody...
  3. K

    NREMT Exam.

    Taking my nremt exam tomorrow for the first time. Any last minute advice or study tips to help?
  4. Gustavo

    How good is studying off of the website "" ? I'm wondering if it will help me pass the NREMT.