emt preparation

  1. Crayons

    Help NREMt stopped me at 120 questions and i missed the last question..

    this is my second attempt and im very nervous! the first time it stopped me at 78 and i failed. i felt like crap that day but the next day i was back at it with those books. i studied every day for 3 weeks and i felt very confident but sure enough that test kicked my butt. now i wait with just...
  2. Ziiiiziiii

    EMT program preparation @Kapiolani Community College

    Hey! Student at Kapiolani Community College, Oahu, HI. I want to get into the Fall 2017 EMT Program which only has 16 seats per semester here and I'm currently doing the pre-reqs. I want to have some type of knowledge before getting accepted (hopefully). Any tips or what to study or anything? It...