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  1. AlexTheChamberlain

    AMR Amarillo or Collin County?

    Anyone know anything about either of these operations? Just curious about pay, reputation, IFT to 911 ratio, and how the fire dynamic is for them (like ALS or BLS, and fire takes pt lead or EMS takes lead). I already talked to Hunt county AMR which sounded nice, but the conversation didn’t go...
  2. K

    AMR Kansas?

    Hey y’all! Last week I took the entrance exam for AMR here in Kansas. I finished top 5 so I received an interview for this Friday the 9th. First off, what should I expect? I’ve done tons of interviews, and always done well. I’ve also done interviews for the largest fire department around...
  3. K

    Instructor Noncompliance?

    So, quick background, I passed my EMT-B back in early May this year and then my cognitive exam towards the end of the same month. We did all of our psychomotor skills tests throughout our course so the NREMT exam should have been my last step to getting my certification. I was so incredibly...
  4. M

    Ohio medic looking to move to the carolina's

    Hi everyone, quick question for Carolina people. My wife and I are looking to move south. I've been an Ohio medic for 6 years and want to know your opinion on medic jobs. There seems to be a lot of 911 agencies hiring in North Carolina but I've noticed they pay is better in South Carolina. Which...