1. AlexandraMay3155

    Internship Advice

    Howdy! I am a 21 year paramedic student who finished all the classroom work, and start my clinical internship tomorrow. Background, I am from Fairbanks, Alaska and I recently made the 4,000+ mile drive to Austin, Texas for my externship. The scope of practice, the call type, volume, culture...
  2. AlexandraMay3155

    Austin TX- Acadian Ambulance?

    Howdy!! I had a few question for those who know of Acadian Ambulance in Austin, Texas. I am graduating as a paramedic on April 27th, and driving down the first week of May. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. What is the starting pay? Overtime? What are the shifts like? Employee atmopshere and...
  3. Phil mincey

    Bls in austin tx

    Hey there everyone I am transfering with amr from san diego to austin. Im looking for any helpful info on bls work in austin area. Most specifically what are the base hospitals, trauma centers, specialty centers, company w/ main 911 contract. Any info helps thanks.