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    Did I make a mistake on this call?

    How were the ankle, knee, and hip? Stable? Isolated femur fracture with deformity.Traction splint. Any problem anywhere else, splint in place. BP in moving, bumpy vehicle is tricky. Keep practicing. If you were concerned about it being hypotensive, have your partner stop for a minute to get...
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    Ted Setla

    I found a copy of "Level Zero" at Ted's web site at . Before anyone made an ongoing live EMS TV show, was this movie. RIP.
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    Does anyone have any experience with They hire EMT and Paramedics for deployment to areas around the US.
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    FEMA courses (online)

    The four core FEMA classes are a basis for how an Incident Command will work. You as PIO will be very heavily involved in all aspects if an incident is declared. Part of your frustration is you don't have a background in the emergency management end of things at a large scale incident. Take...
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    Radio and TOC reports

    Someone asked a similar question a couple days ago over on Reddit. Here is my response: I'm the guy at our Level 1 trauma center taking the report. We use phone for reports. Keep it short and relevant. Identify your truck (jurisdiction and number). Type of Alert (Trauma, Stroke, Heart, OB) if...
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    Anything could of done differently with this call?

    How long would it have taken for ALS to arrive? How long was it to get the patient to the ER? If "Time to ALS" > "Time to Transport" it's not unreasonable to transport.
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    EMT job in a school

    You'll need an OMD in order to practice EMT skills. Or would you be a first responder providing layperson first aid skills? Segway? Golf cart? Vehicle? Medical supplies stored at each building? Or carried with you and stored in an office or closet when you're not on duty? Will your coverage...
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    MPA or MPH

    MPA is really good for government or non-profit jobs in general. I worked with a non-profit in DC for 15ish years. Now in EMS, it's not much valued. I looked at getting an MPH, but I decided I was one with formal schooling. If you're wanting to get into any kind of health management, I think the...
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    Would you walk this pt out to the truck?

    If the patient is alert and oriented, and can understand and explain back to you the risks of being left alone, then you might be justified in leaving the patient. If the patient is weak and can't take care of herself, leaving the patient probably isn't the right path to take.
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    New Hire Challenges

    Self-confidence. In-class learning is very different from a real patient. Applying things you've learned in concept is different from doing it in the real world.
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    SOP for Rumbler use

    Don't be a jerk about using the Rumbler. It's a tool that is really only useful when someone is oblivious right in front of you. Park a car in front of the Rumbler-vehicle. Turn on the car, and the radio, and start a phone conversation. Then hit the Rumbler. Then stand in front of the vehicle...
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    Suggestions for a Burnout "Expert" For monthly training lecture?

    I'm responsible for setting up the lecture for my volunteer agency's monthly training. I'd like to have someone talk about burnout, identifying issues, coping strategies, etc. This can be done via Zoom or other webcast tool, and would need to be 45 minutes to an hour long. Do you know of anyone...
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    Should observing an autopsy be required?

    I would think at the EMT level scheduling alone would be a problem. My agency's current EMT class has 25 students. There are at least four programs in the area. 100 autopsies in 2 months? I honestly don't know how many are done in our city a year. I'd think more clinical time would be better at...
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    Help with manual vitals?

    It can help to lift your own legs up off the floor of the ambulance to isolate road noise. Try placing them on the stretcher's lower frame. It's a skill that you have to practice at, with lots of different patients. So keep at it.
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    EMTLIFE Community-Driven Medic Down Memorial Site?

    Is the National EMS Memorial not enough?