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    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) DMAT Paramedic

    Guessing the entire fed process is hosed. I went on the Teams when FEMA ran it. It was a pretty quick process then, as the hiring was local. 3veryone knew everyone. We went over to hhs and the bureaucratic process got so much worse. That being said, it was a great time and the training...
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    That's racist..
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    Fouled deck, cats down.
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    is a broken arm an ALS or BLS call?

    I was amazed how many people came to the ED and they were all allergic to toradol. The only thing that worked was that D drug.
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    is a broken arm an ALS or BLS call?

    Only if the splint has velcro. I dont think they teach real splinting anymore...
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    Defunding Police: Impact on EMS?

    Our PD started the Crisis Intervention Teams almost 20 years ago. This is an officer especially trained to handle mental health, domestic violence, other similar calls. Working both sides of the street, I saw a big increase in EMS response to rule out medical or tramatic causes of behavioral...
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    Fords Virus Killing Setting

    Something new from Ford: a wuhan virus killing setting. 133' for 15 minutes. Now, have you ever seen the inside of the average police car? Spilled coffee...
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    Brand New Medic

    Never get nervous in front of the patient. Training will kick in. The time to get nervous is after turnover.
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    I had some training up at Ft Detrick when I was doing cbrne stuff for the cops. This is exactly what would happen in a global war scenario: release an innocuous bug, and see what happens. Look at results as far as global economics, nationwide response and risk mitigation. Then there was the...
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    Are we taking "Scene Safety" too far?

    Carbon monoxide leaks. We started hanging CO detectors on jump bags, before that we always had a crew or two come down with headaches each season. I carried one on me as a cop.
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    Are we taking "Scene Safety" too far?

    We used to do an EMT practical exercise where you went into a room to find an unconscious person. You start your assessment, then a guy in the next room started to leak in that banana flavored stuff we used to fit test N95s. Very rare to have a team call out somethings wrong and back out...
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    Hey, how come all those *** holes in Congress and TV all have haircuts and nice nails and makeup?????
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    Italy EMS

    Thought I'd post some shots from Florence, Italy. EMS in Italy is mostly volunteer, with a couple core paid EMTs. No ALS on the box by it self. ALS is provided by a doc and CCRN or paramedic equivalent arriving in a chase car. Photos taken outside the church of Santa Maria del Fiore, the...
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    Lost a Medic

    Condolences to his family and coworkers.
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    He was a Chief. Dang Wuhan virus.