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    Psychomotor Exam - EMT-B

    Hello everyone, how many chances does an EMT-B get at the psychomotor exam? I failed some stations because of the bag-valve mask seal, it was really stupid... I just wondered how many retries you officially get? I only have to test off on two, but the proctors did not allow retakes at this...
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    Shortness of breath

    Did you ever figure out a diagnosis for the ED or nah?
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    27/100 medical conditions/ an EMT should know (help me add them)

    Let there be light shed on this thread! (bumping the post)
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    Staying at emt level

    Another reason I want to wait is the responsibility and maturity, not for me... for future patients as well, I don't feel quite ready to become a paramedic for school difficulty, funds, and maturity.
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    Staying at emt level

    It's true, but it's my desire. Although you don't have to become a nurse to become a doctor, you have to do premed consisting of chemistry, organic chemistry, calculus, physics, biology, biochemistry and much more. Have a great basis and understanding in this then you can take the MCAT and excel...
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    2000 FL60 extended cab ALS ambulance

    I still think this is a hell of a steal so I am bumping your post for you. Good luck with the sale.
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    Paramedics and EMT's / City of Cleveland, OH - Division of EMS

    It's not for that @Lo2w
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    "Best" things heard in dispatch

    Nough said.
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    "Best" things heard in dispatch

    Our dispatch is stupid. Dispatch: Medic 1 respond to (address) ground level fall 27 year old male patient code blue. Medic 1: "Medic 1 confiring, ground level fall (address) is not breathing? Dispatch: Negative Medic 1, ground level fall.. Some of our other EMT's listen on the county radio...
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    Basic Life Support - Question of the Day - Medic 27 (#3)

    Great recommendation, I personally forgot about getting med control to talk to them.
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    Basic Life Support - Question of the Day - Medic 27 (#3)

    No other medications tbh I am not familiar with enough, but yes the answer was COPD and ultimately headed towards respiratory failure at some point. Progressively continuing to smoke given the scene appearance, and that he happened to be on the porch when it happened. Well done, great job.
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    Basic Life Support - Question of the Day - Medic 27 (#3)

    Gotcha, if you could convince him to go to the ED and you were calling ahead. What is his condition?
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    Basic Life Support - Question of the Day - Medic 27 (#3)

    Chief complaint is difficulty breathing, he can speak partial sentences but has to stop to catch his breath. He does purse his lips when exhaling, onset of symptoms were when he was sitting on his porch. Temperature is 100, he does not take any meds other than his portable oxygen. 12 lead shows...
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    Getting a paramedic job with 5 over speeding ticket?

    I really like this idea too, in my state I believe you can request 3 extensions approximately 3-6 months each extension... Contact the clerk for more info.