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    Rapid Sequence Airway

    We don't have Combitubes :sad: Only LMAs and King airways. I've had good experiences with the King airway though, it stays put really nicely. LMFAO!:lol: So you work around Crown Point? What's your opinion on St. Anthony Medical Center? One of the residencies I'm interested in rotates...
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    ecg question

    Yep, simply a pathological left axis deviation. Just a little tip to everyone trying to make a detailed diagnosis: use lead II only to identify obvious rhythms, e.g. V-fib, V-tach, etc. Try getting at least a 12-lead EKG before trying to study the detailed electrical activity. It's pointless...
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    Rapid Sequence Airway

    I agree. The use of supraglottic airways is not an inappropriate way to manage an airway by any means. One thing that needs to be considered is the fact that these airways aren't the best choice for transport settings. Maybe it's the Chicago potholes or the "Windy city" turbulence talking, I've...
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    Why are we placing ETTs at all?

    I'm probably repeating what some people may have already stated in one way or another. Airway management is one absolute skill that any EMT (Basic, Paramedic or Critical Care) should be good at. Whether it's a simple jaw thrust or a retrograde intubation, they are all life-saving procedures. I...
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    chest decompression

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    what the heck happened to my pt. today?

    He's right. You mentioned many things in your case that are not unique to any form of infectious disease. The fact that the pt. went into respiratory arrest prior to cardiopulmonary compromise is very suspicious because you didn't mention any shortness of breath (SOB). Community acquired...
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    MVC Spinal, Yay or Nay.

    Welcome to the medical practice in the 21st century. I see practitioners do more to "cover their ***" than anything else. It's sad, very sad. No wonder the costs of health care keeps rising. I hope nothing more comes of this incident. It's tough having something stupid like this go into your...
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    MVC Spinal, Yay or Nay.

    What's "NEXUS"?
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    MVC Spinal, Yay or Nay.

    Great neurological assessment bungus. You bring up a good case because I've seen EMTs and Medics put patients in any form of an accident on a spineboard. I personally think that spinal immobilization is over-used quite a bit. I quoted some of the things you said that would indicate any form of...
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    Same NREMT Proctor?

    That's what they say. Just go down to their office (since you already live/work in the Chicagoland area) and talk to them personally and say the magic word ("please") and you'll get in. They told me the same thing and I didn't go through their program :P
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    RSI: Critical Decision Making (Advanced Provider response requested)

    Just like there are varying opinions on the benefits of using Lidocaine on head trauma patients, there are many practitioners out there that are firm believers in using a defasciculating round of paralytics before intubating a patient suspected of increased ICP. I agree with you on the fact...
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    Incomplete spinal cord injury OR...

    Amen! :) Absolutely. There's never anything wrong with coming up with a good list of differentials and then coming up with the best possible diagnosis after further testing. What I offered was a possible diagnosis based on the limited information provided. If possible I too would highly...
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    RSI: Critical Decision Making (Advanced Provider response requested)

    Interesting approach. Does your protocol allow you to skip sedation? :glare: Or did a physician approve this method via OLMC? Can you share with us "the two times" you did this?
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    Incomplete spinal cord injury OR...

    No problem! You had the right idea when you thought about Brown-Sequard indeed. I left out a few details here and there, so let me know if you want me to elaborate any of it.
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    Thanks! Good to see you here as well!

    Thanks! Good to see you here as well!