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    Detroit and Lansing Michigan area

    😁 In all honesty - I think urban EMS is something everyone should experience in their career.. Maybe not for a whole career, but it is an entirely different animal, good and bad..
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    Detroit and Lansing Michigan area

    Why not Detroit EMS?
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    I'm a carona Paramedic student and its horrible..

    @exitb98 - I'm sorry for your experience, and while I do think your program could have done a better job working with you, the truth is that much of this was out of their control. We are in uncharted waters and no one really has a grasp on what's going on. In this area, EMS students still...
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    I'm a carona Paramedic student and its horrible..

    That sums up lazy online training. It is absolutely possible to make quality online training, I've seen it and I'm working on some stuff now (there is a free version of blackboard that we've set up for our department). The problem is, it takes a motivated instructor and a SIGNIFICANT amount of...
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    Paramedic Practitioner? Masters degree and future of EMS

    Before taking an A&P course, I would highly suggest that you evaluate the portability of that course.. There are many courses out there, but they don't always give you credit for future endeavors. TBH, the traditional 1 semester of gross anatomy and then 1 semester of physiology gives you the...
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    Exemplary Private/Non-Profit Services?

    Last I knew there was also still volunteer fire departments within pockets of NYC.. When I need help, I want to be able to call 911 and have them handle the rest.. That's probably a bit more complicated there :)
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    What has been your experience with language barriers?

    Wow, this got aggressive quick..
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    Thanks for that, I couldn't remember the rationale for 10mins but forgot to research why..
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    How many paramedics dump ice on hyperthemic patients in the field?

    Kinda like giving pressors to someone and not monitoring their BP then...
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    How many paramedics dump ice on hyperthemic patients in the field?

    Makes sense.. Also not sure if it's mentioned here, but it's my understanding that the only way to do appropriate hypothermic therapy involves constant rectal temperature monitoring..
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    Regarding EMT-B schooling and it’s relation to real world medicine

    The problem with clinicals (field and hospital) is quality, not quantity. There is so much variation in experience based on who you get as your preceptor. Modern hospital clinicals have the added problem of so many students and so little acuity. EMT students, medic students, RN students...
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    Accepted to RN bridge!

    Are there any good podcasts out there for nursing students?
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    Accepted to RN bridge!

    I'd like to think I'm far enough along professionally that I can recognize the game for what it is and play along... That said, I'm sure there will be times when this is hard :)
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    Accepted to RN bridge!

    Welp, 1 semester down out of 5.. I ended up with B's in both classes (pharm and the 'transition' course). I'm not particularly happy about that, but the grading scheme is rough. Only 150 total points for each class, homework is worth almost no points, meaning exam questions are worth about...