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    What happened to Cypress Creek EMS?

    Looks like they filed back in 2003 also. I’m trying to dig into their chapter 11 filings…
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    Leadership Book suggestions.

    Leadership and management books really come in all shapes and sizes. Example: We Were Soldiers (an example of operational leadership) and The Guns of August (an example of strategic leadership), both are military in subject but have widely different scopes. I’m a fan of using leadership...
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    Looking for a compact reliable Glucometer

    Maybe a little pelican case would help, if damage is a concern. I’d suggest having one in the ambulance and one in the first in bag, if possible. Nice to have a backup.
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    Houston-Area and Central(ish) Texas Medic Jobs

    The first I understand. Can you expand on the second?
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    Movie Marathon Thread

    Watching Seinfeld (not a movie but still), holds up OK - though cell phones solve a good 3/4 of their problems…
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    Another possible Corona virus mutation

    Summit , thanks for sharing the comprehensive write up!
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    First Steps to becoming an EMT? Where do I start?

    ^ and ^^ If you are cash strapped, you can get your EMT for free. If you want to speed things up, it’s easily done - you can get your EMT in a matter of months (or even as little as a month, full time). Also, make sure you understand what you’re getting into from a career perspective...
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    Another possible Corona virus mutation

    Though I have inherent suspicion of the SA government due to…certain news items historically, this seems quite scary & plausible given the conditions there. (The folks cited as identifying / researching are mostly UK trained & are quite well published, giving me more confidence in the finding.)
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    2022 EMS Conferences

    Toying with EMSPro next year. Have thought about Vital Signs only because of location.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    The KED is well past its expiration date as far as I can tell!
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Makes me wonder if there is really such a great need to emphasize them in the curriculum.
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    Ambulances held hostage

    Don’t think they can do that. They’re at the hospital. There are EMTALA obligations.
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    Ambulances held hostage

    No disagreement. It seems like something that requires litigation and possibly additional legislation too. Re: BLS patients, it would seem pretty silly to keep a crew waiting around for a patient who could go to triage/waiting room - but maybe this is something that system policies prevent?
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    Ambulances held hostage

    Got it. Do you think this problem of parking is mainly an urban (academic?) center problem? I haven’t heard about this as a rural or even suburban issue.
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    Ambulances held hostage

    Are these rural facilities?