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    the 100% directionless thread

    Better watch where you spill your beer, Spud...
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    PTSD/unprocessed trauma

    "PFA certifications" are offered by organizations from the Red Cross to the VA. Their emphasis spans from COVID-19 related issues to PTSD in combat veterans. There are specific LE/fire ems/ victims programs that go by the TIP moniker (trauma intervention program) in some parts of the country and...
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    PTSD/unprocessed trauma

    The term is newish, but the intent and purpose exists under different names. It is very much a part of the CISM discipline. A distinction needs to be made here and that is CISM should be considered the process and body of knowlege of assisting with critical incident stress but a CISD (that is...
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    PTSD/unprocessed trauma

    So...that was pretty morose...we save way more than we don't...but we focus on the dead sometimes more than we should or have reason's just that each fatality has that much more significance than the last and each success doesn't seem to have the cumulative effect as the fatalities do...
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    PTSD/unprocessed trauma

    It is odd...I'm always amazed at the vast (apparent) difference of the coping of different providers to the same event. Some just seem to "have it all together" and others...not so correlation in intelligence, clinical skill, person is ready to quit the job...
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    PTSD/unprocessed trauma

    That has got to be really tough for you guys and it's a big reason why some more forward thinking departments have seminars dealing with this stuff where spouses are invited. Once spouses are clued in on the realities of day to day ems/fire/police work things can get a lot better. In the...
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    Assignment Ideas

    No one ever played EMS Jeopardy! ?
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    PTSD/unprocessed trauma

    Not talking to family members was a mistake I made. Just couldn't bring myself to do that but it wasn't because I thought they wouldn't handle it. I had it in my head they wouldn't understand, which is true to some extent, but understanding, I later realized, isn't really necessary. It would...
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    Still alive?

    There's a general term called "Lazarus Syndrom" where this type of thing happens. When it does happen (pretty rare) it is not uncommonly in someone with end stage COPD where they arrest for one reason or another and aggressive resus efforts result in dynamic hyper inflation of the lungs. Bigger...
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    Why did it get heated? They didn't approve the protocol, their medical director did. Just ask for the documentation/ rationale and supporting literature for it. I'm curious myself.
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    Regarding EMT-B schooling and it’s relation to real world medicine

    EMT school is just an orientation to the actual training which is on the job after certification.
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    Incorrect AED pad placement for lay responder First Aid/CPR/AED class

    In the hospital OR and different procedural labs, the pads are put anywhere they don't get in the way of the operation or x-ray in both pads in nearly the same plane on the patient's back. Definitely off label placement and would really surprise instructors that hammer correct...
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    I think we agree...but thats the intention of this pilot not involve the police at all right from the dispatched call. And there is no police presence on these teams.
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    Right...they don't have any less or more chance of encountering a potentially violent patient...but this is part of the 'defund' or really, re-allocate police resources sentiment. That is defined by an intention to not send police to these calls. And it's San Francisco. That what has happened...
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    Unfortunately, I think the motivation here is less a more efficient response to a chronic and expensive problem than it is a political gesture, and therefore poorly thought out and perhaps inefficient. It's coming out of an initiative to move resources away from the police and so the idea is to...