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    Did you work while in paramedic training?

    trinity county life support and the school is now called college of the redwoods. absolutely fantastic education Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Tips and tricks for dealing with hearing impairment...

    Amplified stethoscope. Take charge and tell People to be quiet while you are listening to bp and lung sounds
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    Elite Ambulance ***Shutdown*** RIP!

    Quit calling these outfits EMS. They are not EMS, they are non emergent medical transport
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    The "proper" way to restrain someone in EMS

    Hogtied prone on a backboard isn't an option? I kid I kid! Your agency should have very clear policy on this.
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    More politics playing with people's lives.

    Then again it could be worse and like this gem of an area
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    More politics playing with people's lives.

    There is much more to this story... Read the other articles about it
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    Does hypotension mean shock?

    No blood pressure does not by any means equal shock. The sooner you can forget the whole less than 90 bs the better. What people seem to forget Or not know is if someone had a history of hypertension which their body has adapted to and all the sudden they become ill or injured and now have a...
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    Best paramedic text?

    Just remember each publisher puts emphasis on different aspects of paramedicine. Where I went to school and where I taught ( different Paramedic program ) taught out of one text and used the test bank of another text altogether. This at least helped ( nothing is perfect) assure understanding of...
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    How much did becoming an EMT/medic cost you?

    2k for paramedic which included livescans and vaccine I needed updated, acls, pals, phtls, and internship. Passed NREMT 1st attempt as did most of my class. Class is still the same price
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    SD EMS wage protest.

    I'm curious what the median cost of living there
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    BS in Emergency Management

    That is true.
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    BS in Emergency Management

    Education is and never will be a waste of money. Regardless of the BS you receive each will prepare you to move into different positions in and out of your company when you are ready to move out of the box. Remember each one if us is 1 call away from a career ending Injury, it is very wise to...
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    Need Advice

    That isn't EMS, that is non emergency medical transport. Don't group them in with EMS
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    SD EMS wage protest.

    Case in point, you run 100 calls, so does every other Medic on your system. Who exactly reviews each of those charts?
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    SD EMS wage protest.

    That wasn't a absolute. I have worked with both and I know volunteers medics that would run circles around some ft paid and visa versa. And that is from what "you" have seen. Just like likes what I posted has been my experience. And just because someone runs "lots" of calls does not make...