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Currently seeking information on obtaining Hawaii Paramedic Reciprocity from either NREMT, PA or NJ Paramedic licensure. Also looking for information on the hiring process for Honolulu City and County EMS.
Hi Jim! Currently in Paramedic Class in Pennsylvania, we follow the NREMT curriculum and will have NRP at the end of the class. Approx 1200 hours of schooling. Strongly considering moving to HI to work Honolulu City/County EMS. Do you know what the process is for an out of state applicant? How hard is it to get reciprocity and do they hire mainlanders often?
Hey, sorry but I can't help you on that, I really have zero idea how any of that admin process works
HI Bob! I'm a new on the job market for an emt position in LA. I saw your post praising PRN, but it doesn't look like they've updated the job listings on their website in a very long time. Do you know any other ways to see if they have current availability? Thanks you thank you! Glenna.
Excited to finally get on a box after spending the majority of my time since school/certification sitting in a pod at a construction site or getting dispatched for ice and ibuprofen 🤘
Will be in Santa Barbara County next week. San Francisco Fire is getting ready to do large hiring. Want to distribute information.

I know where Carpenteria and Goleta AMR stations are, is there any post in Santa Barbara? absent college? I know Lompoc, and Solvang. Do you know where the other stations are?
Hello! I’m Pretty new to this site, and I have come across your responses and Trust maybe you might be the right person To speak to about some things that would extremely Knowledge me in
I have a question for you!
im going to school to become an EMT but I’m scared I won’t make it bc I do have a bad arm don’t get me wrong I can do what everyone else does but it takes me longer to achieve it my step mom thinks I won’t be able to pick up the gurney
Only one way to find out... I don't know what your abilities are or if your doctor says you can life the gurney, but that's a you decision. I will also say, if you can't handle the physical aspects of the job, then this might not be the field for you. But I would definitely make that your first question to ask the program director before you pay for the course.
Hey Tigger, I'm an EMT student in the Springs Area. If you have a minute could you DM me. I'd like your opinion on starting out in EMS

Thank you
How is school coming? you guys on this site motived me to start my perquisites last August. I have one more week to go and I'm all done. Next I have to take the TEAS here in GA and see if I can pass this to apply into an Paramedic to RN program
3 semesters for the Bridge Program. If accepted, I would begin in Jan. 2022 and for that semester Spring 2022 it would all be online. The Fall 2022 semester is about 2 days a week. I could finish school Spring 2023. I would have to retire in the Summer of 2022 and be ready to commit more time etc. Tough decision for me to quit a job paying 6 digits to draw retirement to go to go for my RN.
I am mandatory retirement in 6 years and I know I will have to continue working somewhere. Currently I am not in a dedicated EMS/Fire field.
3 semesters is amazing, my program is 5
Hi Ocean711, I was reading your helpful posts and I was wondering what you ended up doing. Did you get a job with the fire dept? Thanks!
Hi Ziiiiiziii, I was wondering whether you got accepted into KCC without medical volunteering experience? Thanks!
I have passed the NREMT and I am state licensed.
Being new I have lots of questions and I feel it’s hard to find answers.
I am in the central Florida area and I was wondering the best way to even start looking for a job and where.
Should I go private company? Or should I just try and do 911 , or would that be too far fetched and too hard to achieve. in the mean time, I need part time.
Hello, nwhitney!

My name is Noah and I am brand new to this forum. I live in Beaverton, OR right now and am interested in someday being a PA and using EMT experience as a stepping stone into PA school! I would love to pick your brain a bit and learn more about what EMS is like in the Portland area!
hey chrls I have my EMT - P with little over 2 years ALS experience. Is there anything that bumps a candidate for air officer / medic spot rather than. Seniority? Thanks

The last medic we hired here met the minimum and that’s about it. Other bases will have more competition based on location etc.

There’s also a benefit to putting in time going to units and making an impression before an opening becomes available. They can get a better feel for you over time compared to a 30 minute interview.

Hopefully I answered more questions than I caused.