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I am looking for funding to purchase a power cot. I have tried our state and local sources without any luck. Can you help find links to funding for such an item
Hello! I'm Jaysen. I just signed up here and found your post back in February about expired EMT cert. I posted a reply to it tonight in case it may help you. Since your post is a couple months old I thought I'd send you a message to see if you have had any success in getting your certs back.
Good Afternoon Sir. Can you give me some idea as to how you prescribe MedicTest to your students? I know that seems vague but I am curious as to how it is used in a classroom setting. Thank You!!!
you mind shooting me a pm, i'm not sure how to on here. got some more questions and don't want to derail the thready anymore.
Hello, I am looking at possible relocation to Raleigh NC and reviewing my options as a paramedic. Do you or anyone you know, still work for Wake County EMS?
Hey there, saw a lot of your posts and saw you know quite a lot about Texas EMS, I just got my Texas EMT-B card after being an EMT in California for 5 years and was wondering if I could get some advise from you for good EMS systems to apply to, any suggestions would be greatly appreciative, Thanks
Sure. Texas is a pretty big place with a lot of variety. Where are you looking at?
Not too picky, trying to stay within a couple hours of the big cities/Airports.