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Hey so I just ran into your post that you posted here awhile ago and I’m in the same shoes as you were back in 2015.
I took my cognitive exam and passedbut my skills expired. I’m curious to know what did you end up doing?
unfortunately for me it’s almost been 2 years since I took my class so if I don’t turn my skills in by tomorrow I have to retake the entire class!! Ugh so I’m bummed.
Hi ExpatMedic0. I’m a Canadian Advanced Care Paramedic. I am currently waiting for the green light from Global Medical Recruitment to participate in the South African interview process for employment in Qatar. I understand you were/or currently are employed in Qatar. I’m curious about the interview process and what to expect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Hey there! I came across one of your posts and I was wondering if you could help me, I am a NREMT-P who is trying to pass MD protocol. It would be soo greatly appreciated!
I want to buy ambulance stretchers and will pay for used but functioning ambulance stretchers. Preferably stryker power pro xt, mx-pro, stryker stair chairs and Ferno Power and manual stretchers. All weight capacity will be bought from 500lb to 700lb. Call or text me at anytime 832/598/42O4. Regardless of location in the country I can organize pick up. Thanks, Oscar
Hey! I'd like to reach out to you and have a conversation regarding the EMS climate in southern central/eastern MN. If you'd be up for a brief chat, I'd greatly appreciate it.
I can try to answer your questions. I have spent most of my career working the suburbs of Minneapolis. The companies I work for also cover rural areas.
Question! One of my skills steps is to preoxygenate the patient by ventilating the patient with 100% O2 via BVM forn2-3 mins! What does that mean? Get there saturations to 100%? Or place BVM on high flow?
Aloha Jim! Would you know what the work schedule is like for a City & County Honolulu EMT?
Hey, I know City&County EMS is on 12 hour shifts, all either noon to midnight, or midnight to noon. Not sure what their weekly schedule is like. I wanna say its something like 2 on, 2off 2 on, 4 off or something like that, but I don't know for sure.
Thank you Jim! I was just accepted into KCC’s EMT program and was so excited to hear the good news! The interview to get into the program is the same as the Fire Department :) I hope to see you on the road someday or in the Department coming in as a recruit!
Hi ExpatMedic0. I'm new to EMTLife, I tried to find a way to massage/email you directly. Do you know how has the flight contract with Saudi Red Crescent? I know PHI had it in the past. Now it seems to be mostly South Africans working on the flight side for SRCA. Thank you. Erik
Hey Erik, It's been a decade since I worked there, I'm not sure who has the contract currently. In the past Alpha star aviation, Abu Dhabi Aviation, PHI all had different contracts with SRCA HEMS. There have also been periods when the SRCA has contracted with no one, hires directly. Not sure what the current status is. If you find out feel free to let me know
Hello Sir, Aside from the classroom textbook. Are there any other study guide/practice exams you can recommend for NREMT-B?
I'm looking for some information regarding the Mayo Clinic ambulance. Do you have the time to chat about a few things?
MedStar is a good place to start at any level. If not there, CHRISTUS out in Longview, UT Health EMS, Acadian or any of the local 911 services are good, then AMR (low pay).
I live in Dallas, not sure if I'd want to make the drive out to Longview haha. It's not as easy for me to uproot and go. I have a wife and son as well. But I was looking into MedStar or AMR Farmers Branch, but AMR has a pretty crappy pay scale.
All non-fire EMT jobs do.
so i've read. I'll probably look at joining the fire academy in the near future. Hopefully get hired on to a FD somewhere.
Hey! So I'm looking at obtaining my EMT-B in August, you know if MedStar FW is a good company to try with or should I look at a smaller company.
Hello Jim,
I have an oral interview for McCormick on Monday. Anything in specific you could think of that I might need to know? (I've already taken the written/trauma scenario). Also, How likely is it that McCormick will hire someone straight out of their EMT class?
Hey sorry for the late reply, don't really check these profile messages... anyways, looking at the date stamp I'm sure you already did the interview, hopefully you passed! But otherwise the interview is fairly standard stuff from what I remember (it has been like 3-1/2 years now)