NREMT Practice tests with library cards


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Got these two practice tests for free off this site, in conjunction with my local library. All you have to do is enter your library card number as a user name. Took the first one while tired and got a 78%. Here are my results.

Let me know if the link doesn't take you to my results. (it might not) I suprisingly had an 88% in Ob/Gyn and Peds, which I guess is the section people do bad on. Did horribly on Operations, which I can't stand. I also bought this workbook with four practice tests. Got a 79 on the first one and an 88 on the second one. Hopefully, these are good signs. I know this girl who is almost a paramedic and she had a 99% in her Basic class and only got a 71% on National Registry. I should be taking the test soon, hopefully.

So check it out if you need some practice for the NREMT. They have NREMT-P practice tests too, as well as NCLEX and many, many more.