Newly Certified EMT-B in San Francisco


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Not sure how many people on here are base in the Bay Area. But didn't think it would hurt to post about any job openings. As of last week I completed all of the hoops needed to jump through to be 100% certified as a EMT-B. EMT Course Completed, NREMT passed, CA-License purchased and in hand, and passed the Ambulance Certification test at the DMV. I am looking to stay closer to San Francisco, but would be interested in working in San Mateo county or Marin county if something is available.

Thank you in advanced for the help.


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San Mateo pays well, however you won't get much experience. Medics have to be in the back for everything. You want to really work? Go get a job at Falck in Alameda County. It's a mess over there, but youll get seasoned real quick. Santa Clara pays close to the best.


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My advice? Start working on pre-reqs towards a real career ASAP.

Only do Paramedic if you're like medicine and absolutely need it to land a fire gig.
A better route would be getting your BSN and challenging the paramedic license. That
way you don't have to go through two different schools.

If you don't want to take my advice.

I agree with with the other two posters said about Falck and San Mateo.
If you want to do the job for real for real there is no other place to gain experience like
Alameda County. Oakland has always been it's own beast.

Avoid private EMS in SF if you can. If you have to King American is the better option than
AMR. They don't hire a lot of EMTs though, mainly medics. AMR SF is like high school.

If SFFD EMS ever opens up again that is, money-wise, the best you're ever going to do
as an EMT.

Don't get me wrong, being an EMT or Medic is a lot of fun in the short term but for most
people, and especially in the Bay Area it is not a career. It won't be a career until we make
the education requirements more than a semester of community college either.

Sorry for ranting. I feel bad. Just should have told you I agree with the other posters.
Source: Former box guy that has worked all over the Bay Area and out of state.