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Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) is hiring EMTs to work out of its Brea, CA location

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Hey All. Reposting to meet EMT Life's guidelines.

Job Position/Title: EMT
Contact: Human Resources – info@emergencyambulance.com (please NO telephone inquiries)
Phone Number/Website of Company: 714-990-1742 / http://www.emergencyambulance.com
Submission Deadline: 11/30/17

As stated in a previous thread, EAS is seeking applicants for upcoming EMT positions. We provide transportation in the LA and OC areas and respond to both IFT and YES, 911 calls. If any of you are interested in applying please do so through our website.

Additional Details:

EMTs are required to have full-time availability. This availability consists of having four days of full, 24-hour availability, and the ability to work a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Our orientation is two weeks of in class and field training Monday through Friday. However, after classroom training varied days and hours will be required as the position transitions to fixed 10-hour shifts or rotating 24-hour shifts. Generally, 24-hour shifts are only offered after the first 6 months of employment.

At minimum Candidates must have a High School Diploma or general education degree (GED) and one to six months of related training.

Preferred Qualifications - Six (6) months of verifiable recent and continuing experience as a practicing California certified EMT is preferred for this position.. However, we will accept applications from qualified and properly credentialed new grads or other candidates with less experience.

If you are applying you must possess:
  • A California Driver’s License;
  • A California Ambulance Driver’s Certificate (within 10 business days from date of hire)
  • A California EMT Certificate;
  • A DMV H-6 Printout (no more than 30 days old) indicating acceptable status for driving ambulances, demonstrating the applicants ability to meet the Driver Underwriting Guidelines issued by Emergency Ambulance Service’s insurance carrier – i.e. meets Age Profile (20 ½ years of age); No at-fault accidents or violations that would prevent an applicant from driving;
  • A CPR card equivalent to BLS for Healthcare Provider or Professional Rescuer;
  • A ICS-100 Certificate;
  • A ICS-200 Certificate;
  • A ICS-700 Certificate; and
  • A Orange County EMS Ambulance Driver/Attendant License
A complete Job Description and list of Qualifications can be found through EAS's online employment portal. Applicants are encouraged to review the job description thoroughly before submitting.


ALL applicant hiring is contingent on the following factors:
  • Receipt of a fully completed, signed (electronic signatures are acceptable) and dated Electronically Submitted Employment Application;
  • The applicant must be at least 20 1/2 years of age or older due to insurance restrictions;
  • The applicant must possess a High School Diploma or GED;
  • The applicant must hold all required licenses, certifications, and/or permits, including proper identification;
  • Successful completion of a comprehensive job-specific written examination, which tests base knowledge, and decision-making skills; (if applicable);
  • Successful completion of an investigative consumer report (background check) and reference check;
  • Successful completion of a Criminal Background Search through the CA DOJ and FBI and the Nationwide Criminal Database. The search must indicate that the applicant is not precluded from certification or licensure for reasons defined in the Health and Safety Code or elsewhere;
  • Successful completion of a search of the Fraud and Abuse Control Information Systems (FACIS) database to ensure the applicant is not excluded from any government or healthcare contracts. FACIS identifies sanctioned individuals with OIG, GSA and other federal agencies, as well as disciplinary actions by federal agencies and licensing and certification agencies in all 50 states.
  • Acceptable documentation for compliance with the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1986, as amended;
  • Successful passing of a physical examination, functional capacity test and drug screen without any limitations; and;
  • Successfully passing an Oral Interview.
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