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Cleveland EMS - Ohio (closes 11/24)

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Good opportunity for high volume urban 911

Job Posting
601 Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio, 44114

  • EMT's start $16.95 per hour. Typical base of $41k/year with built in OT and more
  • Paramedics start $17.84 per hour. Typically base of $45k/year with built in OT and more. Can easily clear $50k+ without trying very hard
  • Current top out rate is $25.70/hour, which will go up when new contract is approved
  • Full benefits for employee and family (medical, dental, vision, prescription, life insurance)
  • Full Ohio Pension through PERS - Currently 32 years, however close to having it changed to 25 years
  • Squads run 12 hour shifts - 7 shifts every 2 weeks. Shift exchanges at 0700 and 1900 hrs
  • All squads are ALS with most running double medic
  • All continuing education is handledand paid for through the City EMS Education Dept. (BLS, ACLS, GEMS, PEPP, ITLS, Ohio Trauma Triage and more)
  • EMT's have 2years to complete their state medic card and 3 years to test as a functioning city medic.
(Just finishing the last month of academy in the current class. I can answer more about intial training than life in the field.)
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