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Cleveland EMS Hiring Full Time Paramedics - Cleveland, OH

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Cleveland EMS is the third-service 911-only all ALS provider for the City of Cleveland. Founded in 1975, CEMS currently operates 25 day-time and 21 night-time ALS ambulances on rotating 12 hour shifts, responding to over 100,000 calls for service each year. Medics enjoy excellent benefits, including paid vacation, earned "comp" time, medical/dental, and OPERS pension.

$15/hr training wage during initial academy and ride time with FTO
$20.23/hr after training
$28.90/hr after 5 years
$29.51/hr after 10 years

Paramedics/EMTs/EMDs are unionized and there are step raises each year until top-out at 5 years with longevity bonuses thereafter. Our contracts are negotiated every 3 years.

Crews are primarily housed in City of Cleveland fire stations with a handful of units based out of Cleveland Police districts. All shifts are either 0700-1900 or 1900-0700 on a two week 36/48 rotation with 8 hours of built-in OT per pay period. EMTs must become paramedics within 2-3 years of hire so most units are double paramedic. There are ample opportunities for overtime and special events. There is no city residency requirement.

For those not familiar, Cleveland has a population of roughly 380,000 and is located on Lake Erie. With a diverse population and affordable cost of living, Cleveland has lots to offer for recreation including premier museums, the second-largest theater district outside of New York, and is minutes away from our own national park, CVNP. There are interesting neighborhoods and dozens of suburbs with different vibes. Cleveland has high-end downtown condo living, trendy up and coming neighborhoods, and quiet post-war bungalow communities. It also has the largest impoverished population of any major American city and is perennially one of the most violent cities in the US. That means medics get to use just about all of their skills. There are plenty of GSWs, assaults, car wrecks, overdoses, and complicated medical patients. There are also a lot of low acuity calls, which is important to understand going into the job.

Here's the link to APPLY:

Note: the posting describes a civil service "examination" which makes it sound like you are applying to take a test. It is actually just referring to evaluating your resume and qualifications as the "examination," just to clarify a little bit.

You can also reach out to the City of Cleveland Public Safety Recruitment Team @ 216-623-5233.

Application closes on 7/22/21.
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