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    Try I used it for two weeks and passed the NREMTB yesterday. It's $36 for 30 days access, but it's totally worth it.
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    EMT drop out?

    We started with 17. One guy quit the first week. So 16 took the final exam, which you had to make at least an 80% on and only 11 passed. Of those 11, three failed nationals.
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    Took EMT B today

    Thank you!
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    EMT-B 62 and passed/
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    Took EMT B today

    Congratulations, I passed as well. It's a good day.
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    Took EMT B today

    I took mine today also, almost the same time, 45 minutes, but mine stopped at 62. I'm guessing my result will be posted tomorrow, hopefully.
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    Try this website It's a great site and is what I'm using to study. It's basically all scenarios, which is what I've been told is on the NREMT. It's $36 for 30 days access. I've seen others on here highly recommend it.
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    Taking EMT-B course without any other experience/courses?

    I just finished my EMT-B class almost two weeks ago, and I had never taken any kind of medical classes before. The best advice I have is study hard, take notes and take it seriously. We had a 8 or 9 people who thought it was a joke and never read the chapters...they didn't make it. It's not...
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    Trauma series

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I found some of that color
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    Unitek 2 Week EMT-Basic Boot Camp

    I dunno, seems kinda short and overpriced to me. I just graduated EMT-B last week and it was 130 hours and only cost $925. We spent over one week just getting our practicals done correctly, but like I said I'm a newbie, so I could be wrong.
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    I've been using the JB Learning tests online. They really seem to be helping and it's only $36 for 30 days access. I'm going to run through it for a couple of weeks before I test for NREMT. All the questions so far have been scenario questions, which I think helps you learn more vs. knowledge...
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    Ick factors

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    How much did becoming an EMT/medic cost you?

    Wow, that seem very high.
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    NREMT-Good study guides?

    Great, thank you. I just found the section for NREMT on the forum. I should have posted there.
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    NREMT-Good study guides?

    Passed my final exam in my EMT-B class yesterday and now it's on to the NREMT. Any suggestion as to a good study guide? Our instructor told us not to use our text book because it varies so much from national. I've heard Kaplan study guides are pretty much worthless for the NREMT. Thoughts?
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    How much did becoming an EMT/medic cost you?

    I paid $925 plus the book, stethoscope and other supplies was $180. From what I've seen that's about the normal range in Washington.
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    EMT-B certificate mill?

    Thanks for the info, just wanted to make sure this was the norm, when it comes to class time. Thanks for all the responses.
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    EMT-B certificate mill?

    Sorry, should have included that. The class is four days a week, five hours a night, so 20 hours a week.
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    EMT-B certificate mill?

    I'm currently about half-way through my training as an EMT-B. My question is about class length. The class I'm in is less than 3 mos. long. Is this really enough time to be properly trained? Our textbook is over 1500 pages long, not to mention the scenario tests. I'm just a little worried I may...