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  1. planetmike

    Open house

    Are you mostly fire then? I'd think you couldn't have an agency with only 4 people. Have a bounce house for keeping kids entertained, plus a nice visual to be seen from the roadway. BP and glucose checks (if permitted by your OMD and protocols for invasive procedures for non-patients). Have...
  2. planetmike

    patient's Apple Watch -- useful on a call !

    I just got a family member an Apple Watch. It has been much more reliable than her old "fallen and can't get up" button. She is also more active in keeping it charged, vs the old button thing that had a dead battery a couple days every week.
  3. planetmike

    EMTs Charged with FIRST-DEGREE MURDER after Strapping Man to Stretcher Facedown

    Already a thread for this issue:
  4. planetmike

    Cardiac Rhythms on Dynamic and Static NREMT Practical

    I couldn't tell you, I didn't pass. ;) There were a lot of squiggles going up and down different distances. Seriously, they were fairly straightforward. Basic ACLS will get you most of the way through it.
  5. planetmike

    Beware of S NH courses!!!

    Ummm, there's a lot to go over in that. Have you spoken with the instructor about the reviewer that proctored you?
  6. planetmike

    Crew obtained refusal but no vitals?

    If the patient refused vitals and/or 12 lead, hopefully that is documented in the report's narrative.
  7. planetmike

    EMT Wrist Watch - Taking Pulse with No Second Hand

    Our state EMT skills testing doesn't allow any digital devices at the testing sites. That's probably where the non-digital watch came from. Since Covid, testing sites are no longer regional state-run, so it is a bit less of a requirement" to have a second hand.
  8. planetmike

    EMT Wrist Watch - Taking Pulse with No Second Hand

    I'm not sure why my question was bumped over into its own thread, but whatever. In my EMT classes, we emphasize that students should have a non-digital watch so they can take vital signs the old-fashioned way. Is this one of those ideas that in the real world, it doesn't matter, trust the...
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    EMT Wrist Watch - Taking Pulse with No Second Hand

    Legit question: How do you take manual vital signs without a second hand? Check pulse and respirations for 15 seconds, multiply by 4?
  10. planetmike

    Failed the NREMT 6 times

    Oof. That's rough. Unfortunately after six unsuccessful attempts you need to retake the entire EMT course should you decide you want to continue into the world of EMS. Look at your NREMT account. It should tell you what areas you need to focus in your studying. I'm not sure how it shows the...
  11. planetmike

    Attacks on Ukrainian hospitals, ambulances increasing rapidly, WHO warns

    If you're feeling brave and able to travel, I found info at
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    Quick Poll - for EMS Research

    More possible responses: C. Linda has no injuries but should be taken to the hospital. D. Linda has a medical problem and should be taken to the hospital.
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    Ride Along Anxiety

    If you have questions about something that happens on a call, ask them when the crew is no longer with the patient. You don't want to freak out the patient or the family. Safety first. If you're on a street, you should have some kind of high visibility vest to wear. If you are at a patient's...
  14. planetmike

    Personal Statement for Paramedic Science uni course!

    The statement is personal. What are your goals (to help people? Make Money? Relax so you can squirt wet stuff onto hot stuff)? Your motivations (you feel good when you help people? you want to retire from a government job in 25 years?). Tell a story (ever since seeing an ambulance person save...
  15. planetmike

    North Carolina EMT and CPR card

    It's possible you don't need a CPR card to practice, but I'd think that is a state by state requirement. In Virginia, you need to have a valid CPR card on day 1 of your initial certification class (EMR or EMT), AND a valid CPR card on the day you take your written test. Once certified, it's...
  16. planetmike

    Did I make a mistake on this call?

    How were the ankle, knee, and hip? Stable? Isolated femur fracture with deformity.Traction splint. Any problem anywhere else, splint in place. BP in moving, bumpy vehicle is tricky. Keep practicing. If you were concerned about it being hypotensive, have your partner stop for a minute to get...
  17. planetmike

    Ted Setla

    I found a copy of "Level Zero" at Ted's web site at . Before anyone made an ongoing live EMS TV show, was this movie. RIP.
  18. planetmike

    Does anyone have any experience with They hire EMT and Paramedics for deployment to areas around the US.
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    FEMA courses (online)

    The four core FEMA classes are a basis for how an Incident Command will work. You as PIO will be very heavily involved in all aspects if an incident is declared. Part of your frustration is you don't have a background in the emergency management end of things at a large scale incident. Take...