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    So I just saw this..

    Hey, I have to say, this is cool. I am not into rap at all, not my favorite music choice, some of it is okay, but I WILL say this: This video exemplifies and pays homage to our profession in today's language. I think he did a great job, shows he is proud of what he does. I do not feel he is in...
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    Working in Qatar

    KIND of an AER country, nice airport, currently in the news, kind of a mini Dubai. flew Qatar airlines from Katmandu, Nepal, 15 hrs. Yikes, airline has good food, people in airport very friendly, told many of our U.S.troops are sent there from tour of duty in Afghanistan, etc, we also have an...
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    RSI MEDIC 1 Ambulance

    Ironically, I just interviewed with them. Nice people, interview went well, they give you a 50 question test, all on EMS. They do mostly IFTs, they had many rigs parked on side of building. Office is very nice, as were the people who interviewed me. I'm older, and been an EMT 18 years, and my...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    My name is Linda, nickname: Traumamama, I am an event/motion picture medic or "set medic", lately more of an event medic, a lot of SO CAL filming went to other states. I am trying to get into Local IATSE 80, the official set medic/Grip union. I started out 18 years ago, got my certification late...
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    Part Time EMT jobs in San Fernando Valley, CA

    You might try going the event route. I heard AMR out of North Hollywood on Saticoy Ave. is currently hiring FIRST AID EMTs to work sports events, little league, soccer games, etc. Call the Hollywood Bowl, they use to have a first aid team up there, not sure which ambulance company now runs it...
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    Duty to Act Info

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    How hard is it to find a job as an EMT??

    Well, depending on where you reside. I live in CA (Los Angeles), there are tons of independent ambulance companies, plus hospitals. There is also Craigs List. I have been an EMT for 18 years, specifically as an EVENT MEDIC, which means I exclusively work for concerts, street festivals, film...