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    Hard IV Starts made easy

    IV vein transilluminator....great for those difficult to find veins on any patient. Check them out on eBay. Put " IV vein transilluminator" in the search block and read about them or simply go to...
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    Ok, I gotta vent...

    hahahahahahahahahha...that one I have to remember. Weight loss is not nearly as easy as weight gain, so to everyone trying to lose a few pounds, hang in there and take it slow, the results will come.
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    Who drives the oldest vehicle???

    Anyone wish to qualify as driver of the oldest/least equiped ambulance? Enclose a pic if you have one please. Thanks
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    I think it's fine for re-cert but doesn't really give a first-timer the proper hands-on instruction.
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    Ummm...That "Ain't" Right!

    Hate to look in the rear view mirror and see that approaching my back bumper fast!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Excedrin RT

    That ain't right!!!!!!!!
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    Forum Game... "Good Wish/Bad Wish"

    "I wish my was automatically force fetched and ran like a GPS guided missle." Wish granted but in your haste, you left out the words "toilet paper"... "I wish my "toilet paper" was automatically force fetched and ran like a GPS guided missle. Now, you deal with it...hehehehehe I wish...
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    Kids say the damndest things

    Such things made Art Linkletter famous....
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    Birth Songs.

    "Another one bites the dust".......
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    Desperate Housewives

    Maybe they need a spin-off..."Desperate Husbands"!!!!
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    Personal Security

    All new vehicles should come thusly equiped methinks!!!!
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    A Moment of Hysterics

    Out of the mouths of babes!!!!!!!