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  1. MedicJon88

    AMR cant staff, fire/ sheriff transport

    I hear ya. It was a foot in the door with the basics back when multi-year hiring freeze was a thing. Obviously not a problem with Paramedics now- we get to pick where we work and dictate our schedules more or less.
  2. MedicJon88

    AMR cant staff, fire/ sheriff transport

    It's only going to get worse friends. With more ER and ICUs poaching paramedics to help with patients and flight services losing clinicians left and right- no one in their right mind is going to work ground base IFT/back up 911 for well below living wages. It was bad back in the early 2000s when...
  3. MedicJon88

    Department of the Army paramedic?

    I was a federal subcontractor at Minot Airforce base. It was an unusual posting because the base was technically only BLS as the hospital was no longer and it was just a clinic for base personnel and also attached was a VA clinic. So technically you are the only ACLS provider on base besides the...
  4. MedicJon88

    Female emt's in the military?

    Late to the party, but the Airforce 4Ns I work with as a contractor were all EMT-B's to start with, you advance most of them have ICU training and can cross to LVN's. Some of them work alongside officer's/RNs in military installations. One coveted position is IDMT, still a 4N with a specialty...
  5. MedicJon88

    AMC General Questions

    Sounds comparable to what I had to go through with my current program minus the cadaver lab. We did everything in the Simlab. We also had to do pericardiocentesis and A-line insertion. We don't do Neonate/Hirob here which puts me at a disadvantage.
  6. MedicJon88

    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    Mercy's new Bell525 looks LEGIT. Makes the AW109/119 look cramped.
  7. MedicJon88

    AMC General Questions

    Hi all, I currently fly for an AirMethods partnership program that is transitioning to full ownership with PHI. No longer be private 3rd company employees and having to work for PHI. PHI's values and the fact that the program is going rotor only doesn't mesh with me completely. I found very few...
  8. MedicJon88

    San Luis Ambulance

    I'm talking SLA right now they are hiring again in January but is willing to consider hiring experience medic out of cycle- I just don't know if I'm willing to consider moving back to California's EMS climate. I've spent the last 2 years out in ND with awesome pay and even more awesome scope of...
  9. MedicJon88

    San Luis Ambulance (CA)

    Hey everyone, I know this an old thread, but I'm considering completing the application process with SLA, but I don't want to waste my time without knowing their pay scale. I'm coming from a high needs area, and I'm aware that pay is going to be impacted working as a single function paramedic...
  10. MedicJon88

    American Heart to start new PHP BLS courses

    Just got an email from my Training Coordinator from AHA. New model of learning was released yesterday by AHA for Prehospital providers. Now there is an online portion + skills time with one of the CPR instructors. scenarios modeled after real field experiences. Take a look from AHA...
  11. MedicJon88

    EKG Question From a Paramedic Student

    hey, so i'm trying to break the strips down to analyse it like I would at my work. using the 12 lead. Slightly Irregular in Rate PR- un-measureable QRS looks like its at .12 Rate is in the 50s looks like the P waves are not correlated with the QRS my interpretation 3rd degree heart...
  12. MedicJon88

    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    passed at 69 questions. Thought I failed for sure. It was heavy on the MCI-Incident command questions. Then at the end it was giving me impossible diagnostic questions- I was literally sitting at my computer console going WTF head VS DESK/Keyboard...:unsure: - and of course I took it Friday...
  13. MedicJon88

    Metro Area Ambulance Bismarck, ND

    Hey thanks for the info. I know how sparsely populated ND is.. and it is definitely a concern of mine. South bay, where I live in LA have more people than the entire state of ND... however, I did train as a paramedic almost 200 miles away in Ridgecrest, CA the gateway to Death Valley, North...
  14. MedicJon88

    911 bids in 2015 (LA COUNTY)

    Super Troll?
  15. MedicJon88

    Veteran Dies Waiting for Ambulance in VA Hospital

    We have Code Blue and Rapid Response Teams for patients already admitted into the hospital. ED-Rapid Response Teams for everyone else on hospital grounds, visitors, employees, etc.. It is no longer acceptable to wait for EMS to respond outside hospital grounds while the hospital personnel just...
  16. MedicJon88

    Metro Area Ambulance Bismarck, ND

    Hey fellow EMS providers, Anyone know anything about Metro Area Ambulance or EMS in North Dakota in general- looking into a potential job there and would like any insight that anyone can provide. Thanks!
  17. MedicJon88

    "Is there a doctor on the plane?"

    I agreed that instead of brushing off the medical student abruptly in that instance- it could have been a learning experience for all involved, providing treatment for the medical student: And learning to guide higher level providers to appropriate treatments while they are out of their normal...
  18. MedicJon88

    Samaritan Ambulance - SUSPENDED

    sounds about right Private ambulance companies with IFT contracts always try, with the fault of the SNFs, sneaking patients to the ER without 911 or ALS activation. The IFT Ambulance companies always admonish BLS providers for activating 911 because they lose out on the funds from the...
  19. MedicJon88

    Bgl invasive

    We can never cancel the medic especially when medication has been administered... I know just how easy it is for narcan to work- which is the problem... titrate to effect but not bring the person all the way back... or if they are opioid dependent you can cause other problems with narcan...
  20. MedicJon88

    Bgl invasive

    -- Thanks, I know my scope of practice- I'm just saying that we wouldn't be able to do these things without paramedic resources- their box and Monitor. Its always with just "Assists"- We don't carry AEDs in our rigs- They are not Required for EMT level Ambulances- you can have them but its...