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  1. WestMetroMedic

    HFNC with Hamilton H900 Heater/Humidifier

    We just purchased 6 H900 Heater/Humidifiers to go with our Hamilton T-1's to provide HFNC instead of the AIRVO2 that we are currently using. If your agency is carrying it, how are you storing it, what are your PAR stocking levels, and what pearls do you have to share...
  2. WestMetroMedic

    Technimount Safety Arm

    Does anyone have any experience with the Technimount Safety Arm 500's? We are looking at them for our Critical Care Trucks and only one agency in our area is using them, so I'd like to garner some thoughts on them. On paper...
  3. WestMetroMedic

    Community Paramedic certification through IBSC info/help

    distanceCME is going to have a test prep course going live in about two weeks.
  4. WestMetroMedic

    Where is the best EMS system?

    I like to think of my hot breath as a final autoclave cycle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. WestMetroMedic

    Where is the best EMS system?

    Yeah, pay scales are very similar. Hennepin and Allina health are union. North and Allina health have a great dichotomy of urban and rural even in their metro service area. All three have great equipment and vehicles. Hennepin has the police and fire pension which is probably the biggest...
  6. WestMetroMedic

    Where is the best EMS system?

    We have three medics attached to the Minnesota US&R Task Force 1 (not a FEMA team), of which I am one. No tactical medicine stuff, but we do have a volunteer CSO/Paramedic program with one of the rural sheriff's offices that our medical director is a part time and fully licensed deputy. MN...
  7. WestMetroMedic

    Where is the best EMS system?

    In Minnesota, Community Paramedic is a recognized and required certification level. There are two programs in Minnesota. Tuition reimbursement is$3500/year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where is the best EMS system?

    We run dual paramedic units as mandated by Hennepin county ordinance. We employ basics in our communication center and also we use them to staff special events at US Bank Stadium. we don't do and interfacility work, so no BLS units Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where is the best EMS system?

    @VentMonkey wages are set in stone due to being union. shift diff for nights and weekends / FTO pay, student pay, etc. like hospital times? 15-20 minutes to complete chart and clear. typical 12 hour shift is 8ish transports, usually about 45 minutes start to finish.
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    Where is the best EMS system?

    Easy Cheesy. our EMSRB allows full national reciprocity, no charge for your credential. occasionally Lauren takes a couple days to get back to you, but otherwise it is easy. @EpiEMS No 4x4 or chains. We do just fine. He have grain transfer shovel and a coffee can full of salt and sand. Winter...
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    Where is the best EMS system?

    sure *shrug*. SSM and its variations are a lot like Arby's sandwiches. Pretty much the same thing, just a different bun.
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    Where is the best EMS system?

    The community paramedic aspect of my job is probably one of the more satisfying things I do. You won't regret it. Yeah, I've been a community paramedic for 4 years now and love it. I actually had the opportunity to drive the pilot program here and also got some really cool projects started...
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    Where is the best EMS system?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where is the best EMS system?

    It's full system status management style deployment. All posts are physical locations you can go into. Cable, recliners, microwave, and usually an actual garage at most. Most are at fire or police stations. Central reporting point at the hospital downtown. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. WestMetroMedic

    Where is the best EMS system?

    Hennepin EMS Community Paramedic here indeed (at least for the next 3 weeks). Hennepin is a great place to work. Minneapolis is a great place to practice, as well as live. We have a very aggressive wage scale ($21 to ~$34 after 15 years, plenty of overtime if that is your thing (not mandated to...
  16. WestMetroMedic

    C-spine collar to help secure tube

    there is plenty of RECENT data that shows appreciable benefit to the utilization of a GEB in improving first attempt success rates as well as reductions in the time to intubate as well. I have been busy on PubMed tonight trying to find a study that even addresses the use of a Cervical collar in...
  17. WestMetroMedic

    Hippa Violation?

    in theory, he should pull the data from your ePCR system, as it puts his thumbprint on the chart as having accessed it. I can't think of a reason that he wouldn't have access to the system. You can defer to this pathway... I can access any chart my department has written for the past 8 years...
  18. WestMetroMedic

    Paramedic - Hennepin EMS, Minneapolis, MN (Start 4 May 2015)

    pretty standard non-government process. Phone screen, in Person interview (Oral w/ Paramedics, Oral w/ Management, Written exam), Offer, Lift Test, get fitted for our Fabulous Khaki/Brown Uniform!
  19. WestMetroMedic

    Will I ever work in EMS again?

    Right now, your only mission in life is to stay sober. Come hell or high water, sobriety is the only thing that you should be concerned with; not work, not romantic relationships, not cars, not money. This is a big slice of humble pie that you have on your plate, and you ideally should ask for...