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  1. fortsmithman

    Working in EMS with a Felony Record

    Here in Canada our criminal justice system does not use the classification of felony or misdemeanor. Our system uses the classifications of indictable offence, summary conviction offences, or dual procedure. Dual procedure offences can be tried either as indictable or summarily, it is up to...
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    Most oilfield medics in Alberta are either EMRs (equivalent of EMTB) or OFA3s. While there are EMTs, and EMTPs in the patch most oil companies will go with the cheaper cost of EMRs or OFA3s. In Alberta EMRs, EMTs, and EMTPs have to be registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics. OFA3s...
  3. fortsmithman

    Bachelor's Degree entry to practice in Canada 2025

    Medicine Hat College in Medicine Hat Alberta does offer a Bachelor of Health Sciences Paramedic degree for EMTP/ACP. I remember that the University of Toronto Scarborough used to offer a BSc degree for PCP, although I am not sure if they are still offering it.
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    Edmonton, AB Area, what school is best?

    I think the school in St Albert is Professional Medical Associates, and from what I've read PMA is also a good school.
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    Becoming an emt as a single mom..

    That's it for nuring eduction in the USA. No wonder US hospitals, and other health care organizations come up to Canada to try and recruit our nursing students. Here in Canada RN is a Bachelors degree, and LPN has been increased to a 2 year course. My Mom was an LPN her course was 1 year.
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    Edmonton, AB Area, what school is best?

    Emergency Services Academy in Sherwood Park has an excellent reputation.
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    Calgary EMS Ride Along

    call directory assistance and ask for the Alberta Health Services phone number.
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    Pro Care conviction Los Angeles

    How do we know that looker is a he and not a she. Looker could be a woman.
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    SD EMS wage protest.

    Here in Canada in the provinces of British Columbia, and Quebec it is illegal for employers to bring in replacement workers during a strike.
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    SD EMS wage protest.

    Here in my part of Canada firing employees who are striking, and hiring replacement workers is illegal under our labour laws.
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    EMS in Canada?

    In terms of getting a work permit in Canada it is easier if you are a fast food worker, or domestic worker to get a work permit than it would be for a EMT or Paramedic to get one.
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    Let me see your face

    This is me
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    Emergency Services Academy ltd. Sherwood park

    From what I have heard NAIT students are having a hard time passing their registration exams. ESA students seem to be able to pass the ACoP registration exam better than NAIT.
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    Who does what in Canada?

    Here in the Northwest Territories we have no ground ALS just BLS and most services are either EMR or AMFR. As well in the NWT we have no legislation covering EMS. The only legal requirement to run an ambulance service is a class 4 DL only because the Motor Vehicles Act requires it. Out of the...
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    Who does what in Canada?

    As well Alberta as one of the highest registration fees in Canada 425.00/year. Saskatchewan has a higher annual registration fee 470.00/year
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    Who does what in Canada?

    Its Emergency Medical Technologist Paramedic. As well ACoP dropped the A in EMTA it's now just EMT. They dropped the A around 2008 or so.
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    BC (Canada) PCP additions

    As far as I know SAIT, and NAIT only require you be a registered EMT/PCP. Medicine Hat College has a 4 yr zero to hero Bachelors program for EMTP/ACP, and they don't even require you be an EMR to enter their program. Why is EMS different from the other medical professions, RNs don't have to...
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    Prison Nurse - Prison Paramedic?

    Take your EMT/PCP training first then apply to be a correctional officer. Because like cprted said only RNs and physicians are employed in Canadian Correctional facilities. Your best bet if you want to work in correction is to become a EMS trained correctional officer.
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    Just logged in.

    I just logged in and noticed the new look. I like it.