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  1. Buzz

    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    For all of you David Caruso fans: We got called to a nursing home last night for a patient that had a syncopal episode while she was sitting on the toilet having a bowel movement. After we got report, my partner got this intense look on his face and said "Well, I guess that's one way *put on...
  2. Buzz

    C-Collars On Their Way Out?

    I was chewed out by an ER doc relatively recently for boarding and collaring a patient that he felt didn't really need the backboard. Unwitnessed fall, dementiated patient didn't remember falling, and she was complaining of pain in her arm (there was swelling, but we couldn't determine if there...
  3. Buzz

    Has being an EMT changed how you look at life?

    It's made my outlook on everyday life kind of... boring. Little things that would have people talking for weeks now seem common for me. On the other hand, retelling a story about some of the more crazy stuff I've responded to or witnessed can just blow someone's mind.
  4. Buzz

    Physical testing in America

    Flexibility and core strength reduce the risks of you sustaining injuries while having to actually move your patients... Actually, I'm not entirely sure about the core strength thing, but I know that strengthening the muscles in my abdomen and back cannot be a bad thing to do...
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    So how do you set up your ambulance?

    Also effective at stopping those uncooperative patients from gnawing at their wounds :rolleyes:
  6. Buzz

    Vitals on routine IFT

    If I take a set of vital signs and they are not within the "normal" range, I'll check with whomever was taking care of that patient and find out what's been going on with them and whether or not that has been normal for them during their stay. I'm also mindful of what the receiving facility...
  7. Buzz

    Vitals on routine IFT

    This. I've, on more than one occasion, taken a set of vitals on a patient that was either going to be discharged home or back to an extended care facility and found patients extremely hypotensive or hypertensive, or a low SpO2, or anything else like that. I generally don't take any en...
  8. Buzz

    Personal EMT bags

    Agree 100% with everything you have written there. Could not have said it better myself.
  9. Buzz

    Martial Arts

    Actually, the stuff in the Bourne movies was kali, or at least the major fight scenes were... I've been practicing western martial arts for a little over two years now. It's a bit unusual to bring up in discussions about martial arts since it's so overlooked.
  10. Buzz

    Personal EMT bags

    Only situation I'd ever administer O2, assuming I had it available, while on my own (I.E. no medical direction) would be with a diver that is experiencing symptoms of decompression illness.
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    Recording of Jackson Paramedics Contradicts Doctor's Account of Death

    I hadn't even thought of that, though that definitely makes sense. Actually a local radio celebrity was apparently enough to warrant being registered under an alias at a hospital here... and most people I know don't even know who he is.
  12. Buzz

    Recording of Jackson Paramedics Contradicts Doctor's Account of Death

    No, you're right... That's a piss-poor radio report. I also don't know of many hospitals that wouldn't request more info after that first bit...
  13. Buzz

    What's in your bag?

    -An old dell laptop -Aspirin, Tylenol, and Dayquil -Various hard candies -Bottle of hand sanitizer -USB Speakers for the laptop -CD copies of protocols for two counties -Taken and Burn Notice: Season 1 on DVD -GPS -Various rolls of tape -A Master brand combination lock -A keychain that...
  14. Buzz

    what do you carry with you at work

    Okay, so I know I already answered this, but I'm sitting at work currently and just put my hand in my jacket pocket so I have to add something to the list: Tape. Great for fixing things, securing things, macguyvering equipment, and a strip of it on your pant leg works great as a notepad.
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    Why do we do it?

    I was thinking about this earlier today, actually... Someone had asked me why I didn't chose to pursue a career in a different field that I have a significant interest in. Most of my reasons for not doing that were actually qualities that I would apply to this field: long hours, crappy work...
  16. Buzz

    what do you carry with you at work

    Pens. I have a small LED light and a small knife on my keychain as well, but those are there for other reasons. If I need a stethoscope, we have one with a BP cuff on the back of the stretcher, as well as one in the bag. Same goes for sheers...
  17. Buzz

    Don't you hate it when.....

    When the anxiety patient you just managed to calm down has another anxiety attack because you just managed to completely dislocate your own finger by getting it caught in between the stretcher frame and the doorknob.
  18. Buzz


    I've done relatively the same thing. Long story short, two units got sent to an address with a relatively larger patient that is bed-confined in back room. I went in while my partner turned the truck around and waited outside for the other unit. I find it wasn't the patient we were expecting...
  19. Buzz

    Priority one

    Why not interview at both? Just because you get an interview doesn't mean you've got the job.. nor does it mean you have to accept a job offer should you get one after the interview.
  20. Buzz

    Thoughts to ponder.

    This was an interesting question. After doing some math, and coming up with my average call volume for my shift and factoring in the occasional overtime shifts and MCIs, I ended up with a number around 1,300 for the past two years. I still write down certain info about some of the more...